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I think that Friday it's Friday, the 15th of January cloudy today and rain arriving later. Thank good morning to you. I'm Joan Jones, along with Nick I n l E in the top local stories that we're following this hour covered 19 vaccines are about to become available to older populations in this region, and we begin a Maryland for the effort to vaccinate the elderly begins next week when Governor Larry Hogan says Starting next week, the state will move into the next phase of its vaccine roll out on Monday. January, 18th eligible groups will be expanded statewide to include all Marylanders 75 over as well as anyone of any age, living in assisted living or independent living facilities under phase one be teachers and other school staff will also be eligible to get the vaccine and starting January 25th. The state will move into phase one see which will allow people to get the vaccine if they are 65 or older. Hogan also said during a press conference that county leaders have been grand Had more flexibility on deciding how to distribute their vaccine supply. The state has also launched an online portal where residents can see vaccination sites in their area. Luke Luke W T. O P News and in Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced yesterday that the Commonwealth will follow federal guidelines and immediately open up vaccines to people vaccinations to people who are 65 older and people with certain health problems that make them more vulnerable to the virus. Virginia officials are now looking for large sites where mass vaccinations come He administered with an eye toward reaching 50,000 vaccinations per day. Statewide. That goal was set to achieve herd immunity. Virginians who want to check their vaccine eligibility, convince it the Virginia Department of Health's online portal 505 year and Vaccines air coming and more studies seem to suggest that opened up. Schools are not transmitting the coronavirus well now the school board in Anna Randall County is moving ahead with the plan to get more students back in the classroom hours of emotional debate among pair And it will fall on your shoulders. If you choose open schools in the next couple of weeks, they have been in person everywhere else. Who, that you're okay, sleeping at night. Knowing this, it is possible for kids and staff to be in school safely, even wore out members of the school board. A lot of the hope I had for this evening has been dashed. But more than five hour long meeting of the Anna Randall County school board ended with the board agreed to get as many students as possible back in the classroom under a hybrid program by March, 1st. Passes 80. The board hopes to get smaller groups with more needs back even sooner. John Doman w T O P News It's 506 now in several metro stations are closed Starting today as D. C is getting ready for next week's inauguration. 11 stations near the security perimeter are close starting today and two more will close tomorrow at of President elect Joe Biden's inauguration. Trains will pass through Farragut, North Judiciary Square and Union Station on the Red Line, the archive station on the Green and Yellow Lines and Arlington Cemetery on the Blue Line, as well as Farragut, West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian and Federal Triangle on the.

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