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Jet appetite and Madeleine wise who plays the amazing cat, my new girlfriend character, wonderful amazing performer. We will be there. So please come see us in sketch fest. Let me see where whether I. Yeah. All right. And that's I think that's those two dates and sketch festers what I had to promote. I also want to give a shout out to our Pete's picks. One of them. I don't do this one every week. But as me on these I'm wearing, mommy. Andy's kind of like, I don't know what I would call this pattern. It's kind of like a Tam with like purple lightning bolt on it. I love me on days. The story is you guys know this. I I'm only endorsing things that I actually use that I actually love and I realize I'm thirty nine years old. And I hate my underwear. I'm tired of sh- crap. Tired of crap underwear and so Vallon I both of us had heard great things about me on days, and we a complete. Underwear overhaul. And I think you guys should try and Valentine's Day is actually be perfect time to get into it rather than spending money on going out to fancy restaurants. Why not just hang out in your underwear all night, courtesy amenities? You know, what I mean, just you and you do in your mandate. I think that's a good idea. They're made from micro fabric, which three times softer and cotton. They feel fantastic. The patterns are fun. They have Star Wars. Prince. They have Valentine's Day prince have Christmas new years prince. I'm a member of their of their club. Which means they send me new prints. All the time. I wanna make sure I get that wording. Correct. Yeah. It's the club. We wanna do. You wanna go to on these dot com and use slash weird. You're gonna get fifteen percent off your first pair free shipping..

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