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Rao madrid won the champions league and that is just a reality a lot of my livable supporting american friends just can't really believe that they didn't win they just felt that the narrative was pre written that they must go and win they're they're not used to that kind of disappointment that this is the kind of disappointment of fuels believe me it does take away because winning it would feel so much better than losing it having supporting team that lost champions league final and then won by the liverpool warm before that and felt a lot better coming from three nil down and winning in stemple than it did losing this one the weekend yes it does take away from it but it doesn't take away from the season that they've had their season was exceptional that amazing players mazing hope amazing things going forward you feel that they can go and get better i would love to see them challenge for the premier league roach before getting back into champions league final word so impressive to me in forty eight hours of the painful loss the club announced here rival of highly coveted brazilian defensive midfield powerball d for being from monica for fifty three million and expressive these gonna plan goal yeah impressive emory chen replace when they all link with room as ellison forgo they probably need in new striking option they have three greats and pre well nothing of the bench integrating cater from red bull leipzig and they'll have to go again saint paul for me was cl really built this scored around character they are an amazing squad to spend time around and they were done here by moment of darkness that they just don't have in their own skill sets watching real madrid lift that trophy watching sergio remorse the captain screaming orgasmic faces he lifted the trophy parents listening use this game as a teaching moment so you children can learn early life truth evil always wins but it is an incredible feat real madrid three champions leagues on the run bulls lakers celtics right david but in europe is not being reported in the same way ready raj definitely livable papers are going after ramos and some of the english papers are going after rams but on the continent of europe ramesses not seen as being a huge villain.

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