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And thirteen ten KFI K. By the way banking off the stream media hysteria about the increase of a covert. Cases which is to be expected by the way well. Of course, we're going to be able to chart that increase as more testing becomes available a reference the fact that. Increases in Larimer County covid nineteen cases, threatens the continued reopening of the county. It's important not only to look at the aggregate number of cases, but the number of hospitalizations, which indeed they are doing in Larimer County. Now there are seven hundred forty eight, according to positive swab tests, seven hundred and forty eight covid nineteen cases in Larimer county probable cases, thirty eight suspect cases two. Two, hundred and eighty two these are as symptomatic folks with a positive antibody tests total deaths in the county. Stand at nineteen, but here's the hospital utilization number fifty percent. Keep in mind. Low risk is less than seventy percent. They're good there I, see you. Utilization however is sixty five percent. Low risk is less than seventy percent so It is getting close there as they consider. Their reopening schedule all right coming up looking forward to our conversation as always with the Greeley mayor. John Gates going to talk about that. Open Air Food Court how that's working out in downtown in Greeley. Thirteen ten KFI K. Greeley by best UNC bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K..

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