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And. The reason I'm going to say sizzle is because she's got three boys. They're aged from seven to three years of age. Boys loved guns when she goes his boyfriend. His name is Miss Shane Gun Kelly big. On Heaven. I'm GONNA say fizzle. On for them, both and Michigan Kelly. He's got lots of girlfriends every year so I. Don't know I don't really see. Let's move on tyra banks, who is head into the ballroom? ABC announced she's joining dancing with the stars, not only as the new host, but also an executive producer. This news comes just one day after it was revealed Tom Birger on Erin Andrews are leaving, so the show can head in a new creative direction. What do you guys think? Is tyrod thick? Love it I mean. Do you remember the storytelling on America's next top model? The you remember tire being extra extra on top of extra on. I think the TYRA banks, not only as a host will should be good, but as a producer. She has a Rolodex that has spanned it over thirty years in the business. She can get some real names in here. You WanNa see ya shields on that floor. You Wanna go ahead and see Cindy Crawford like she can call those people up. Brilliant leading lady, she's a very in-command. To to change this show a little bit. They need that little bit of spice on the side. Right so Tara. Who Do you think it would be a good house or that? Someone extra? Coming weeks than anybody. She will. He doesn't think that she'll. She'll work with anyone or have a co host. I. Don't think she would I think I. Think for her Sheep Command so much money and she doesn't need a coast. She's extra alone and she can handle it, but she has to have one Naomi Campbell because she disagreed with her. Okay.

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