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Difference. News talk seven thirty w I s San Marco and made afternoon show forecast. Strong thunderstorms possible the night after eight pm moving out after midnight possible to get some damaging winds with them. There's storms right now really over the entire northern half of Wisconsin strong storm system moving in and it's going to result in a precipitous decline in temperatures low dropping down to fifty three after the thunderstorms and tonight. Look what you did here. You've got like a FOX six notification covering the entire Friday forecast here. Howard preto. You fact, check your things it's hang up. I know that off the top. Heads. Forecast is visit Thursday Friday. For tomorrow, partly sunny, windy and much cooler Ruffo be closed at Miller park for the game tomorrow. High reaching only fifty six Friday, similar weather, mostly cloudy, chance for showers and thunderstorms. High of fifty nine Saturday, mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms should get back into the sixties for a high Sunday, mostly cloudy chance for showers and thunderstorms at night sixty and Monday a warm-up Monday or Tuesday of next week gets back to warm weather, Monday, mostly cloudy with a high of seventy eight Tuesday, mostly cloudy with a high of eighty chance for showers and thunderstorms..

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