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News, you know sound effect or something. Maybe we can add that and post just before we sign on to talk about all things latest news in the page. It's off season moves the Miami Dolphins informed the linebacker Kyle Van Noy of his release Vannoy, obviously formerly of the Patriots kind of made his career with New England and thought that deal in Miami, it wouldn't free agency last two offseasons ago because of what he did with the Patriots. So this is obviously a domino effect here that Van Noy could easily end up back. New England I think we could have saw this coming that the Patriots and Venoy talked about this at length that Bill Belichick really used him in the best possible way and got the best out of his skill-set because of the usage in defense and then he goes someplace else and he was still productive for Miami, but they obviously felt that the contract did not match the production and they said they saved nine million dollars with this. So right, you know in a year where Cap is tight. It's certainly understandable. It's not that he fell off extremely or anything like that. The other interesting angle here is we discussed the potential Patriots return for Kyle Van Noy has normally in one of these scenarios where former Patriot or clear Patriot Target ends up on the market. And you say he makes sense for New England. You also kind of have to talk about, you know, the satellite campuses of the New England Patriots Day right now Detroit's no longer a satellite campus map. Patricia's out he's not going I mean probably not going back to Miami like those satellite. Maybe the Giants would be the only one left, but yep. Talking about you know competition within the Bill Belichick coaching treated get him if Bill wants and he's not fighting off his other assistance to get him. I think would make a ton of sense. I'd change if we have the tape if we can go back and pull the tape from when we the first time we worked together clns when Vannoy left.

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