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Are bad in these movies because there's no debt but he deserved i. It's really just like one flat thing. You know that. That sticks out to me i gotta say. Is that mental illness angle. And i'm not one to get prickly about the subject matter than a director chooses to portray but when you are shegog anti here your whole modus operandi to be too hyper normalize everything like you know these things searching and this are both intended to be very sort of mundane everyday occurrences that spiral end of these situations. And and when you ground your film that way and you make it about how this person who has like. Munchausen by proxy is straight up the bogeyman than Consists read problematic. I what is the aim of this film. Who's the audience intended to be in. It feels like the sort of thing that a bunch of housewives sit around watching on lifetime and then they just paranoid that people are out to steal children that and and i think the true crime broadcasts crew you know and again the idea that you know you're murder murder and crime will mostly be no your most your closest lovable Earlier it feels like it's preying on very what would seem to become more normalized social fears. I do notice this strange paranoia brewing about the family and i'm not sure what it's actually hedged inner what it will amount to but i feel it gets become more and more of a normal thing that you know. It's kind of like of course our loved ones will kill us senate with cova. I mean it's all about basically you know we just thanksgiving and family members traveling and they're gonna kill grandma on whatever you know it's like we're in just a very strange place but yeah. I mean in terms of mental illness. You say it's very normalized and he's going for something kind of slice of life in the beginning and sort of senior Normal monday it goes out of control. And if john waters made this fill this could be a lot of fun or serving like a doll. It up you know when just change things around a couple of small changes could make this really foreign phil but it just doesn't read like that. It's a slog it's like it's known mandates and it's just a slow hall to get through and with this with this tone to me. It's somehow reads more expletive than boasts other stuff. I mean we paired this with a frigging film by david cronenberg son and this somehow made me feel more nasty for watching it it just it feels so expletive today. I don't know. I don't like this bill. No it's it's got awful jack you mentioned True crime and I watched this with my wife and she immediately pegged like two minutes into the film..

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