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Make you feel let you are you you start incredible science or by tell me something good it is britney in canoga park hey brittany good morning tell us something what do you have my good is that last weekend my mother and i flew to oklahoma city to meet her biological father for the first time oh my gosh crazy you know for me i was really excited to meet my grandfather but for her it was just overwhelming and exciting and emotional al at the same time but it was amazing glad you guys got a chance to meet that i'm sure it changes everything well thanks for sharing brittany have a good weekend thank you bye grace is in maywood hello grace how are you ryan yes running morning grace how you doing i'm doing absolutely wonderful how you guys we are ready for you we re so what's happening with your eighteen year old oh my god what can i say about my eighteen year old i am until we went to her high school show three medals of honor and coming up is the timber she's going to going to college what is this rockstars name her name is evelyn i like it i like her achievement i also love the pride that you have for her i think that's great do you call the tell us about it oh my god yes thanks grace for call in we your daughter fiery by good morning good morning lion first of all i want to say i love you how many years i have been listening i have great news actually that my son chicago profound ranked number one wow what's he going to how is he going to change the world what's he studying doing self driving cars vehicles exactly why attending usc southern california locate you just raising them and getting them out there to change the world that's great i'm so happy for you thank you ryan thank you so much love you great thank you take care we appreciate you okay bye bye let's go miss taty with the three signs that are going to be the most active this weekend yes so gemini you're going to party this weekend but.

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