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Couple of hot dog you don't feel as bad about throwing those out as you do with burgers you probably right and doesn't seem fair to poor defenseless i just know what matters more burgers better food let's say hi to rob he's on ninety four wabc hey rod well you don't listen to the soundtrack to the baseball games very much right i in the car i hardly ever listen to the tv broadcast because when i do watch tv broadcast i'm usually watching it on dvr and i kinda fast forward and to a run scored et cetera i listened to the radio broadcasts much more well this weekend was the love affair with manny machado okay who's playing shortstop by the way not third base anymore okay we need shortstop and i believe that everyone thinks they're going to trade him cal franko to baltimore to get them it would probably take more than that well i think a package of j p crawford and cesar hernandez would get the job done without thrown franco in their correct okay sounds like you do not want to go in there no i don't i think he's a defensive wizard and i wouldn't go that far the second baseman and all would be right with the world hopefully i mean i don't know what to make a kingery it's not going to change is bad well he's a second baseman by trade i know that but i'm saying my problem which right now instead he can't right well i think that time will take care of that well we hope but we don't know we don't you know so what what is king reheating at the moment two twenty three i mean it's july fifth yeah but he's a rookie and it's only july fit i got hit four homers twenty four i just i'm just saying here's a guy guy's already signed for another six years or whatnot eight eight i i hope you know i believe that getting rid of mekelle franko would do tremendous damage to the chemistry that team it might might i know he's well liked that i do know we're in fact that macau franco is like a lot by his teammates now that doesn't camera anything if you're not hitting or fielding but you know he is he's hitting enough he's knocking in runs he's doing what do you get paid to do rbi's a green i'm not ready to move ronco but i gotta ask you rob if you had to to get machado would you know really okay you can sign machado is a free agent at the next year yeah oh you know what looking at it that way i completely agree completely agree i would not move on go to take a chance that you're going to sign machado longterm when this year's done so we're in total agreement on this macau franko ten homers thirty eight rbi and i think he's got his batting averages up to sixty now to sixty two to be exact now about this twenty two do you have tonight kevin garnett i'm sorry i just can't go along with that well then give me who you got the guys that we're trying to get i told you this the other night leonard damn i i totally forgot about leonard because i keep thinking leonard hasn't been in league long enough here's my question to you and i asked his mike angelina and he said no but let me get your take on it the players who are currently playing who have made this list so far everyone is a no brainer hall of famer if they retired to day lead that's the case yes you take the case would leonard yes i don't know leonard's got how many more years of the app to have he's he's played seven years and his first three years were i want to say okay yes well kevin garnett started when he was nineteen i believe each strain in high school i think in time you're going to be right about quite leonard why leonard retired today i do not think he gets in the hall of fame not with seven years in the league i don't see an of those seven years in the league really the first three of them seven sorry care that cough thera dying on my program what are you getting hall of fame today he retired there's a case to.

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