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KCBS bay area pride heading for the Super Bowl. One of our guys who's going to win this game as the starting quarterback. Steve, that's that's a given. They could go as long as needed and overtime. And one of those guys is going to get a win. That's how it goes. That's how it goes. Yeah. From football to basketball not much happening at side of the Super Bowl. Besides a lot of hype. So we can tell you that couple of Duke came up big for the Sacramento Kings last night, and they're one thirty five one thirteen win over the visiting Atlanta Hawks Harry Giles came off the bench with twelve of a season high twenty in the third quarter, and Marvin Bagley the third added seventeen points and twelve rebounds, the thirty six fourteen warriors host Joel Embiid and the thirty three and eighteen seventy Sixers tonight the dubs conference lead over Denver down to a single game. A Nikolai Yokich with his eighth triple double of the season last night twenty thirteen and ten in a one oh five ninety nine winning the warlords Damian Lillard thirty six with eleven assists, Portland at home beat Utah. One thirty to one zero five Minnesota at home beat Memphis ninety nine ninety seven on a buzzer. Beating three by Karl Anthony towns, Dirk Nowitzki a season high fourteen following a prolonged standing oh. And what figures to be as final game at Madison. Square Garden as Dallas beat the Knicks one fourteen ninety New York's lost eleven in a row in Boston with an easy one twenty six ninety four home whenever Charlotte. Jalen Brown twenty four with ten boards. Jason Tatum had twenty as the Celtics one big for the second straight game without Kyrie Irving out with a left hip strain. College basketball up in Seattle, Washington, beating Southern Cal seventy five sixty two huskies won ten in a row seventeen and four overall eight no in the conference best start to conference play from Washington since the nineteen fifty two fifty three season UCLA wins big in Washington. State. Eighty seven sixty seven San Jose State loses at Utah state one zero three Seventy-three Spartans of dropped eleven in a Rome and the eighth ranked Stanford women play at Calvin. I the Stanford women's seventeen to seven and one in the conference Calle thirteen and six and four and four in the Pac twelve sports at fifteen and.

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