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Forward to actually and In fact We should have should have also got a got get to clancy to we're hoping to get clancy that to get him to swing by so Dick powell to we'll talk the dick and I think ron anderson is going to swing by k by earlier and ron rods. Probably as as as happy as any horse player or or fan he's He's got his sits up his Chair right right here right between the administration building and the racing office. And that's where that's where he holds court. So we'll get ron in here too for some early season impressions and Certainly certainly if you look at these first three days of racing. John velazquez joel. Rosario his His pairing the two of them would should get off to a strong start to the meat and On that front in fact we'll we'll talk probably after we'd for after scratches To to get some other other opinions. I i've got the Analysis up at the website pri scratch and some plays and i i thought that That late sequence the pick five pick four sequence a feels to me like favorites are going to dominate. And we had the conversation with nick yesterday too. I think nick was in that same frame of mind. And i did something that i don't often do. Actually i kind of heavy heavy up the increment and suggested some some heavy multiples so we'll see if there's any impact from Scratches and as the morning goes on we'll we'll get to someplace Let me quickly get yesterday's Follow up and results. In from canterbury in indiana as well given our conversations with jeff midday and and with bill downs and at canterbury last night it was it was pretty formidable. And you had you had mac robertson two out of the four. He didn't he. Didn't go four for four but mac that turf distaff ready to runway who actually went off his second choice. Click bait When favourite at six five but Ready to runway a first dude mayor for owner john mentz. Now you also had in the rob strangle cinco star. Who did go favored little under five or three to this is the The three hour. Nap veteran gelding for mac and john mets so a nice steaks double for for them earlier had star the north at a very short bryce for francisco bravo and owner. Mike grossman win. The mrs gender and in the victor myers the alligator hunter at three to five two. So that was tim. Padilla and owners with a partner. Peter madsen and they bred they bred this overanalyze three year old and was one authority. So that was the canterbury last. Night and indiana ended up The second stake. I'll get to it a second But the early First of the to the snack. Trouble justice at three to five and and sammy bermuda's You know writing Three to five shot like like you should Justice as farm and in fact The justice team bread both of the winners trouble justice. Three twenty in the snack. And then in the ellen's lucky star. I thought when i when i pulled the race up and i went back because i was gonna. I wanted to bet. That's with temple. And when i must've been about nine minutes to post when i went back and looked and swift temple was thirty three to one i said. Well we're we're we're gonna we're diving in your head first and swift temple rant terrific up going off at twenty three to one so there was a win bet. There was a kind of a back wheel with some logical and then there was that reverse try key that we talk about and i said this is always that really you know. Feels like a closing sprinter type. Stretching out to a mile felt like a horse. That would maybe pick up a share. Well he was vying to be second to it. It was obvious that that voodoo justice was being ridden wire-to-wire under orlando mojica that for antonio duran and rancho minorca. I just needed swift temple to be second because sixteen to one. Seventeen to one tapper. Aena the purnea. I did not include the in the in the tri ticket. I was a little nauseous. Triple pays four forty seven for fifty cents and i that that that purnea the headache team go and buy the cart I so i ended up with nothing. Ca i was. I was not happy but I wasn't unhappy with the with the try with the try that we got from from swift temple. That was that was a good effort. So that was yesterday's focus the mid week. And now we turn our attention to what went on and the racing offices. And let's start actually with mammoth and tomorrow. Obviously we'll dive in and i'll certainly handicap On the drive down After today we'll stay a little bit but we've got gotta head down to monmouth and there is there is also a. There's a bit of a corollary guest. Today's activities it's tina's birthday so Birthday barbie and Yeah so tina tina. I can't make all the. I can't make it all racing all day and night today But we're heading down to the shore and we'll come to you from monmouth park tomorrow before haskell and the day that john heinz racing office put together Is certainly going to be a tree. And now we just have to kinda. I think sweat out the weather. A little bit In ocean port. I didn't check this morning. Actually but Looked like we were in for you. Know some some rain. the We.

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