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Roads and Gardner. The victims daughters told police it had been a few weeks since they'd given her mother a bathroom cleaner. It must have been longer than that. Happen. They were aware that maggots been in the wounds for about a week. They just yeah. Those they've been there for a while. We're waiting to see what we were L long. It took for them to turn into fly frontier medicine. And. Here's a diction began like so many others. Do an injury led to prescription pain pills, and then those became unavailable and too expensive. So he turned to illegal drugs. That's the explanation Tony miles likely given in court before in his role as a public defender in northern Utah. But on Wednesday, wearing we were county jail jumpsuit and chains he made a plea of leniency for himself. Taking medication to using heroin was an easy one for me miles told the judge I think all addicts have one thing in common your honor, we justify things better than anybody. That's what I did. So he was a defense attorney, and we were county and now he's going behind bars. Using the same argument that he used with his clients on with himself. Yep. He pleaded guilty smuggling heroin cocaine into the Weaver county jail. He also recently pleaded to other drug charges after he was arrested in December on Wednesday flanked by public defenders who wants his colleagues miles promised. The judge Jennifer Valencia that he was going to change his life. This was a wakeup call. He needed. I just want to return to the person. I was before this happened. Paul manafort. I don't think he was ever a good personnel. Maybe when he was a baby he's got the gal. He's got all kinds of health problems. According to his attorneys, but to Ukrainian oligarchs. Lova chin, and I commend both who had paid Manafort for years for his political work in their country were the intended recipients of the American polling data that Manafort shared with Constantine preliminary during the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign person familiar with the matter said on Wednesday molar special counsel, Robert Muller's team has been circling the dealings with Manafort for.

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