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The disrespect kerry from the phoenix suns and apathetic they looked that twit came from now the steve girl or when he have done this against a more formidable team probably not which means he walked into the game knowing you stock and that he could afford to do this so yo myself there say well that's reading are arming at that that's pouring salt on the proverbial hold that's not his problem you don't like it do something about it it's very very simple play better be better and maybe you wouldn't have these concerns triple eight seven two three seven service exist editor eight say ears bns the number to call up into the stephen a smith show right here on espn radio by the way in this particular game his all you'll need to know think about this this is a steph curry that could draw fifty a kevin to read that could drop fifty a klay thompson naked could drop thirty seven in one quarter these are these konta goss you know what their numbers were last night 22 points for steph curry seventy kevin durant nineteen or you know for a full for the caspi armory caspi klay thompson at sixteen kevin durant had 17 steph curry at 22 that means you know what else guys like caspian nick young and put june your any gwould dial law smoked y'all so do patrick mccaw dropped nine point four six shooting off the bench he played seven minutes.

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