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Increasing round two clouds will see areas of late night fog. Expect a low of 37 to 41 Tomorrow. Areas of morning fog. Otherwise variable clouds of passing Chabert war two of the afternoon high 52 to 56 Thursday partly sunny high 54 to 58. I'm AccuWeather's Drew Shana News. 93.1 kfbk. All right, and we've got fulsome it 46 degrees l grow 48 2 and Chico 48 degrees. Special Thanks to Brody Fernandez, executive producer and our team. Alex Tasker. Taylor Martin, Of course, Kendall Toby. And now we've got Pat Walsh, who weighs joining us, Mike Wicked. Also on the bill tonight for the Pat Walsh. Oh, Who do we have you get? You get both of us to all right. Very nice. Hi, guys jerking and present. All right. There's bad. There's like Are you feeling, Pat? I feel exactly the same way I felt last night. But there is a little bit of a tiny bit of good news I could share but about the same as last night after I have to tell you Still okay. Still no smell. Um Still lethargic, but that seems to be part of this, but but but a little bit of bright news. We will keep the check in going for a little bit with Pat Kitty out of the gate and also just like you have been doing will be scoreboard watching what has been going on in Georgia. It keeps changing minute by minute, and we're gonna talk about stay at home parents and the trend. In the United States, especially during Cove it we'll get some interesting stuff to get to on that, indeed. OK, well, Pat and wishing you feel better, Mike. Thank you so much for updating as Yeah. I mean this this sort of this Senate race in Georgia. The race is incredibly important. So Um, you'll hear that too, as well. Stay tuned for the two Gentlemen, that and Mike, I'll see you tomorrow at four. Here on news 93.1 kpk life everywhere on the I. Heart radio at 60 ft in less than 30 minutes, breaking news, the second in heaven on Sacramento's new 93.1 kfbk. This summer. Open up.

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