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Investment and i don't i still believe in i as recently as last couple of weeks have had all the intelligence community and we are still both trying to reorganize cyber wise and what we're still at the early stages of getting all of the i see to work together on how we're going to deal with the social media companies and the ability to manipulate position there so we've got elections coming up primary voting's already happened happening but in just six months a national election midterm election how prepared are we to fend off these kinds of attacks that we know we're coming one of the biggest fouls this administration traded would if you had a normal administration and you knew that there was this kind of intervention you would create an entity working out of the white house to coordinate department of homeland security state and local election officials a whole things they've done none of that in slow instead the committee is put together bipartisan legislation james langford kamo harris pretty broad croup there we've been able to get three hundred eighty million dollars for security most states are not changing out there building machines to make sure that there isn't auditable paper trail so we're making progress but on the downside we got one hundred and fifty top election officials that need security clearance because a lot of these states weren't even told because the top election of field official didn't have appropriate security clearance only twenty of those people have been cleared we're not fully ready on the election side on the social media side and we're still grappling with twenty sixteen technology fake accounts somebody says there mike but they're actually boris and saint petersburg next generation will be put mike's face on dan's body and god knows what happens and streaming video streaming video so how do you deal with that not just in a political context but in somebody looks like these ceo or she's a ceo putting information we are still not at all prepared to fully deal with how we do with fake information see you combined fake information election meddling cyber hacking where you may have real information.

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