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Staff spent the day going over all of the video, and we have put a minute by minute. Scheduled down. It's called the tick tock of what exactly happened on the mall with the Covington high school students and the black Israelites and Nathan Phillips and his group, and we did find the audio. We found the video of somebody chanting. Build the wall, build the wall. And you're not gonna believe who said that we have this. And it's exclusive and you will hear it coming up in about twenty five minutes from now I want to spend some time here on earth and Phillips and who he is. Now, he is the elderly native American, but I want you to know this whole story. This media version of the story was a microwave meal. I mean, it came prepackaged and ready made the press could have written this with their eyes closed, and it appears many of them did. But if you care about something kind of old timey cold facts here, they are Phillips is a member of the Omaha tribe. He was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. He says he was five years old when he was taken away from his family and put in foster care he bounced around several homes and was finally raised by a white family who he says was abusive. Until he was seventeen. He then left home started working some construction jobs than he joined the marines. Now, almost every media outlet is describing him as a Vietnam veteran but Indian country today, which is a native American magazine describes him as a Vietnam era veteran which implies that he did not actually serve in Vietnam. Just in the era. It's an important distinction. Because Philip says it was so hard when he came back from Vietnam. He said people called me a baby killer in a hippie girl spat on me Indian country today noted that this incident happened when Phillips was in uniform, not when he was returning home from Vietnam we have reached out to the journalists at Indian country today, but we are still waiting for a response for several years. Phillips, led an annual ceremony honoring native American war veterans at Arlington. National cemetery and after he left the marines. He struggled with alcoholism. He was in and out of jail and in nineteen ninety he met a former middle school teacher who became his companion, and they travelled around the country protesting in one thousand nine hundred eighty four they settled in Washington DC after the tr- the truck they were driving broke down and caught fire during a demonstration in front of the White House. While in Washington, he co founded the native youth alliance. It's a nonprofit group now, this is really important nonprofit group works to ensure that traditional culture and spiritual as continue for the coming generations. He had no financial support for this organization at the time. He was working odd jobs in construction when he could by two thousand he was living in a teepee by the Washington Monument, and he lived in that teepee by the Washington Monument for deterement of November with his companion, and their toddler son and baby daughter, and he did it to tell America that American Indians don't have too much to be thankful before his words, not mine in a profile written about him in two thousand the Omaha world herald said, quote, privately other tribal leaders say Philip is regarded back in Nebraska as well. Intentioned brother, but struggling to cope with a troubled child. Hood, the leader of the Omaha tribe, generally avoids the type of activism that Phillips prefers. The type of activism that Phillips prefers now. Living low living in Michigan in two thousand fifteen I think in two thousand twelve he made a documentary film. He also made an anti-capitalist and anti-cop music video where the cop dies in the end. But then he moved to Michigan in two thousand fifteen he decided to go for an afternoon stroll according to him on one Saturday, and he came across a group of according to him thirty to forty students at eastern Michigan university, having a native American themed party in their backyard. He said they were all wearing body paint and feathers and summoned him over to the fence he said when he questioned their choice of activity. He said that they said they were honoring him he replied, you're not honoring me that wasn't honoring. This is racist. He said, then the students said go back to the reservation you blink Indian. He said that a student full of through full beer, Ken, Adam and hit him in the head. And he backed up in time to get hit instead in the chest. And he immediately called police. But by the time, the police got there there was no one there. And there was no. Sign of the party at the time eastern, Michigan university said it conducted an investigation, but no media outlets seem to report on the conclusion we reached out to EMU to find out their investigation if it collaborated a corroborated Phillips accusations of the verbal and physical assault. We are waiting to hear back from them. Today. Phillips is an Omaha tribe elder and the keeper of the sacred pipe. In two thousand sixteen in twenty seventeen. He was again on the front line with a seventeen year old daughter. He was part of the big protests against the Dakota Access pipeline across a sue land. In South Dakota. This guy is about as left as you can get last Friday Phillips was in Washington to participate in the inaugural indigenous peoples March the March was organized as a continuation of the two thousand sixteen twenty seventeen Dakota pipeline demonstrations it was organized by the indigenous peoples movement than international grassroots initiative aimed at increasing awareness of voter suppression. Now, listen to this divided families by walls and borders and environmental holy cost sex and human trafficking and police and military brutality. So he was marching in protest of the wall. After telling the Washington Post that he was mobbed by the Covington students he changed his tune and said he had approached the crowd to intervene because of racial tensions between the white students and the black Hebrew Israelites group. Wait until you hear the tick talk in about fifteen minutes, all of this comes undone. Now, this is his new statement. He said, quote, the Covington boys witness these individuals the black Hebrew Israelites group on their soapbox saying what they had to say. They didn't agree with it. And they gotta fended they were in the process of attacking these four black individuals. I was there, and I was witnessing all of this. And it kept going on and escalating, and it got to a point where you gotta do something or walk away. You know, you see something that is wrong and your face with that choice. What do I do right or wrong? There was this. Moment when I realized I had put myself between beast and pray. These young men, were Beasley and these old black individuals. They were there prey I stood in between them. And so they needed their pounds of flesh. And they took it from me. Oh my gosh. This is so offensive when you actually see the videotape of what happened liar. Leat and total lie to read that situation the way he did. Nope. There's no way you could say, oh, well, he's a good guy. And he just guide he misinterpreted. Wait, you call everybody, you know, and make sure that they are listening, and they are taking we will post these on the blaze web site. I will tweet everything out. You will have access to this. No one else is willing to do the homework in the mainstream media, what this man says proves he is a dangerous liar. He said it was scary. I mean, if you go back and look at the lynchings that was done in America, you'd see the faces on the people the glee and the hatred in their faces. That's what these white faces looked like. So they were thinking about lynching these black poor old black men, the black Israelites they were saying some harsh things. But some of it was true. These young white American kids who are being taught in their Catholic school their doctrine their truth. And when they found out there was more truth out there than what they were being taught. They were offended they were insulted. They were scared, and that's how they responded one thing. I was taught in their Marine Corps training was at a scared man will kill you. And that's what these boys were. He also told a reporter for the Indian country today, I'm angry with these instructors these chaperones in tutors. These children's lives were in their hands. That was their job. It wasn't my job to do. They were getting paid to take care of those children and act for them and make sure that they were behaving in the way. They were supposed to in my mind. It's a fireable offense. They've aligned those children to take the wrong path. And and they have a bright future to live. You know, if that was my child, I would not be happy with the school officials right now not to allow my child to behave that way, I don't care if if my child is that way when he's out in public. He'd better behave. I'm still scared. I'm still feeling vulnerable. But I'm not going to back down horrible. I mean, he's just lying and lying and lying throughout that entire. He is an anti American anti white anti cop anti military. Leftist activist. He has done this his whole light. And they ate would. He was feeding them without even questioning it because any in the media left wing activists. The Lincoln Memorial incident is complex. But when you actually see what happened you will see that the students of Covington high school were heroes in restraint. Nathan Phillips is not complex. This was not a case of punk teenagers. Accosting a poor native American veteran Phillips knew exactly what he was doing on Friday, and he was protesting the border wall. He has been traveling the country agitating for his cause for almost thirty years. This is what he does this is his identity and these days nothing stands in the way of personal identity, especially not some white kid wearing a red baseball.

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