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WSB. Dogs lead Ole miss by six with 3 44 to go here and half number one. The big lead of the half has been 9 25 to 16 in the rebel scored seven in a row before Dogs pulled away to maintain their current lead, and Wheeler hit a three during that stretch tires. Got a couple of threes for the dogs tonight. Christian Brown, with one severe, is the leading scorer for the dogs. Thus far with eight points a couple of assists, two rebounds, Tired tomorrow, each with six Joyner, the leading scorer for the rebels, with five as old miss will have the basketball 20 Hill on the shot clock. 3 44 to go first half bill inbound left baseline under their basket. Are killed. Joyner jumps to throw it into Romelo White at the three point line. Pick out Rodriguez wide open three. Well wait ball watching that time Rodriguez was the closest friend. Yes, you were. You should have reached out and got a hand in his face. Nobody, nobody else That's got George on was anywhere nearing 31 28. That's their first three pointer today. Wheeler foul line to the elbow, skips it out of the window horn PJ curls around, gives it back to severe on the logo of nine to shoot. Wheeler. Left hand dribble through the legs. Gonna drive. Jump back pass to Katie Johnson with two with one jump pass faster tomorrow and he lays it in the clock expired yet. Katie had to take that shot at no doubt had to go ahead. Lay it up, but was not aware of the clock tomorrow made it on the follow. But as you heard the buzzer sounded and the dogs have a shot clock violation. We turned it over up 3 31 28 less than three minutes to go. So we traveled. He did. Indeed, Robert Allen took the past from Shuler top of the key, and he's glad he traveled cause he charged too. So he didn't pick up the foul, But he did turn it over. Georgia will have the ball. Tomorrow, feeds it into the backcourt. Two wheeler seven turnovers in the game for all Miss eight by the Bulldogs. Georgia has the most in the SEC. On average. We Average 17 turnovers the game to our detriment. Wheeler feeds Fagan underneath in traffic, reverse lay and will not go rebound, tapped out picked up on the run by Rodriguez for Ole Miss. He's gonna drive inside. Horn tried to draw a charge but fell away before the contact was going and he was in the semi circle as well. You need to leave. Take the God. If you're trying to fool the official least get hit, Rodriguez gets the lay and he's got nine now, and it's a one point lead for Georgia. We led by nine just a little while ago. 31 30 years Wheeler. They leave him open defensively misses the long two from the right way rebound on the baseline. Rodriguez for old Miss Outlet to Shuler. If I take Shuler right to left up the near side line gives it to Romelo wide long 17 footer left side. Good over Horn and the rebels have come back to take the lead from nine down there up 32 31 way. Just do not get offensive rebounds They've got 11. We got three horn for three. There it is the drought. DJ Horn, Right Corner three and Miss 14 straight over the last three games. He hits his first of the evening. And we needed that. Well, now, maybe that'll get him going on 34 30 to Georgia by two again. Rebels ball less than 90 seconds to go in the first half. Robert Allen pivots top of the key to go to the wing to sure feed it. Download of Romelo white matched up with horns. Right of the lane horn going to get the loose basketball swatting at it. Now, the whistle blows files on Romelo. Why it does after he lost possession. Yeah, White called for the foul. He's laying on his back, mostly out of discuss and shame. I think for turning the ball over them committing the foul. He's okay. Yeah, PJ had stolen. The ball was headed the other way, and he fouled him Horn with good defense. Got those hands in there got the deflection way. We're gonna have the ball. That's when White was called for the foul. After he had lost the possession. So the dogs have it back with 1 15 to go in the half and leading 34 32. We'll get tire Camara. Better horn and Wheeler. That's our five on the floor here on this stretch with 70 seconds to go, Wheeler behind a screen from two money dribbles left to the lane. One dribble behind the back. Too many lost the handle. Picked up by Joyner Jr killed Joyner gonna drive and lay it up for Ole Miss, and we're tied at 34 dogs quickly in the front court right into the floor. Toumani Long, Two nails on its A three. That was a three right corner three for two money. His first of the night. He's got nine and the dogs break the tie. And now lead it. 37 34 40 seconds to go now less than that here in the first half, Get a stop here. Kermit Davis, their head coach, almost all the way out at half court. He was well past the hash mark in the coach's box. Now he gets back in his box. Almost with a basketball seven to shoot Joyner tow Alan at the free throw line back to Joyner Hand in his face from tomorrow misses the three wheeler rebounds. Dogs with the ball 16 to shoot Wheeler. Gonna attack enter, threw it behind him along the baseline, Jackson enter, was cutting from the left side of the past sale behind him. Not a good pass. Well, I thought we were just gonna take the final seconds off the clock. Hold for that last shot. But we didn't. We were just attacking all the way. Now hold. Miss could do that with 12. Seconds to go in the half. It's a three point Georgia lead Ole Miss with a basketball. Shuler works it up against Wheeler Lost the dribble. Falls down. Kyra picks it up. Rolling on the floor throws. Ah, hi hangar in the air. Joyner got it who went over and back with it at mid court, however, and the dogs are.

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