President Trump, Capitol Hill, Glenn discussed on The Daily - Thursday, May 18, 2017


How do you think he will react one of his own senior officials appointing an independent counsel to investigate the president you know it that's a great question um i think two months ago donald trump would have may be fired him but i think the james comey experience and the fact that he's gotten so much back on this stuff and his leverage is so decreased and the support that he's getting a from republicans on capitol hill is faltering by the day i don't know the question is will donald trump continue to react in the same way impulsively with political violence right um when his own capacity to execute is diminished glenn finally what do you think of the timing of rosen signs decision to appoint a special counsel now i think it speaks to his sense of self preservation it was very very clear ahead of his testimony that he wanted to present the committee and the american people with more credible investigator that would be perceived as being outside the political process i think this is this is classic uh this is a classic pr move right you make a big announcement so that you take the pressure off of yourself so he now has an answer when he goes before congress today when they say how can you prove that you're credible how can you prove that you're independent you know he's essentially doing with bob moeller what donald trump was attempting to do with him he's using muller as a shield glenn thanks in my in and uh they represent nor is ma'am part with action by by here's what else do you need to know about the investigations into the trump white house the times reports that the president hired michael flynn as national security adviser even after flynn told the administration he was under investigation for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for turkey that decision set off a chain of events that so far include flint's firing the president's request that james colmey back down from investigating flynn and now the appointment of a special council.

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