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Excitement such just everything. That there is that electric feel even coach towards like, man. I'll tell you what I've been a lot of really good buildings. I've been a lot of really big instances of great hockey. But it was nothing like last night. Incredible. And Billy Davidge. I'm looking forward to talking. I I don't know Joel if you watch the post game, he could not talk like he was so emotional because you know, he's been there since day number one. And we've wanted I mean, obviously, we want more now you get greedy. And they just beat the best team in the NHL. Why can't they win the whole thing? And maybe that will happen. But for now on April seventeenth, you celebrate the moment and the moment is one that we've never celebrated before they've never won a first round series. And so for him and for people in the organization for a long time that was one special night and the roar of that crowd. When in the final two minutes, they're clinging to a four three lead and pan-arab scores. Empty netter and the reaction on the bench. I if you haven't seen that video I'll be posting it it was that was something special. It's it's I'll tell you this just looking through what else is going on. I don't know about anybody else. But New York swept the penguins, and I for one. Yeah. So pleased. The penguins are nowhere in playoff future. Yeah. It was a kind of a big night for the jackets because they move on and one of their heated rivals who has been a thorn in their side and the playoffs gets eliminated as well. So just just incredible. You think about it was three to nothing in the first period of the first game and jackets outscored them nineteen to five after that. And not only that Joel once the blue jackets took the lead in the third period of game one. And then won that game. Tampa Bay never had a lead. The rest of the series. They never once had a lead. The closest they came was when they tied it late in the second period last night. And then fifty four seconds later Bjork strand scores in the jackets have lead again. So remarkable truly don't you think too? I mean again, the penguins are out. Yep. I feel like let's bring on the capital's. I feel like this would be another piece of the great story, which is just give us a chance for some redemption. Yeah. You know, one step at a time in the next next either Toronto or boss the next series. But to your point I think they would love a chance to play the Washington. I think you're right. I mean, it's just you know, and again, they look so unbeatable they looked like a team that as heaven fun be pulled together. And I just draw back to your Motech Lennon did before the trade deadline, and you decide hey, it was a little rocky at first, but he clearly had some kind of vision and coach toward. Rela put it together. So you gotta give I mean players Gaetan hard fans. I mean everybody, but when you get back to it. It's Yaro putting the right pieces on the ice and say here, you go coach and coach gain. Okay. Let's do it. And he does Matt to Shane who was one of the, you know, when they went all in one of the big trade deadline acquisitions from Ottawa ended up leading the Jackson scoring in this in the first round series had three goals and four assists. So yeah. Yarbrough right now. Looks like a genius for hanging onto those guys with the way. Bob played with the way Pinera and play his acquisitions Duchenne Zingel. It's all coming together. Right now thing it it was incredible. By the way, did you see? And it got a lot of action on social media last night from Columbus and blue jacket fans, the tweet by Buffalo Wild Wings. No. So Buffalo Wild Wings who I at least our Bethel road location. I love beat w threes were actually started in Columbus. But their social media guy, and I can't take it any other way as a crack at Columbus said, congratulations. Columbus on your first round playoff series, win should take the sting out of losing urban. Wow. Now, somebody tweeted at me, maybe the person was just serious stating a fact or something do you take that as a dig because I do an everyone. Columbus does shot at them. I don't even I don't even understand it. I mean, we didn't lose them. He moved on coach day. He's walking tall. So. Those two things don't go together for me. They don't either it was a weird odd tweet and reaction. But anyway, a lot of blue jacket fans that kind of blew up on social media last night taking shots at Buffalo Wild. Go ahead and go ahead, and you know, live your life on that. I don't care. I'm celebrating. No doubt about it. After without a question. What a night it wasn't nationwide arena. Blue jackets for the first time ever win a playoff series doing it in style. Eliminating the heavily favored Tampa Bay in four straight seven three last night. After Tampa tied the game at three late in the second period. Oliver because France stuffed in what proved to be the game winner. Just fifty four seconds later jackets then in the third period in the final two.

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