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In your garage and saying i have two cars to choose which one is more fuel says he adds triple a's expecting over forty million people to hit the road this memorial day holiday weekend robert surfer cbs news pittsburgh aaa says the current average for regular in new orleans is two dollars and sixty cents a gallon up a penny today from yesterday up seven cents over the past week and eleven cents higher than a month ago on wall street the dow jones industrial average is trading up three hundred and twenty points in trading today nasdaq is up thirty seven and the price of oil climbed nearly a dollar at seventy two twenty five a barrel steve geller hanging out with some saints on the golf course this morning at a scenes golf outing the offense of rookie alvin kamara was asked about fellow running back mark ingram fourgame suspension that opens the twenty eighteen season i've been talking to us who's ready for i mean it's unfortunate but let's see what how the duo grew close last year and kamerhe has been an open ear for his black and gold brother he was talking he was just like me wanting to let me know so you know it is what it is handled and how it comes the saints will have to deal without ingram for voluntary organized team activities that start tomorrow ingram's entering the final year of his rookie contract and it said to be looking for a new deal steve geller wwl sports sedan sportstalk bobby aaron christian garrick take a look at the nfl top ten power rankings and where the cajun cannon team nfl rank the sanctions amongst the top thirty two teams huddle up with the pros four to eight on your home of the saints and lsu wwl we've got your weather and traffic next wwl news time one.

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