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All sizes in a variety of industries nationwide learn more at ziprecruitercom npr and by the listeners of cake well we d with more about commute conditions on this wednesday morning joe mcconnell back with a strong tough conditions additions digits in san francisco 101 northbound the crash at vermont street to blame up to six cars involve left lane is blocked now traffic is backed up to silver 101 south and pedalo at east washington the crash cleared out of the left lane traffic got much worse than road brazil's from about over it would highway and down to lake fill the public transit systems are on time everything else is fairly routine vabres backup to the through the maze now joe mcconnell for kqed thanks joe his report brought to you by compassion international a famous cuban artist is asking her bay area students tough but fundamental question cbs for home unwiedly art and what is the the goal of practicing our i'm brian watt summer school for political artists coming up on kqed's morning edition and that report comes your way at 823 this morning here on kqed we're starting a warming trend today sober temperatures i'm about to give you you can add about five degrees on average for tomorrow under a partly cloudy day at the coast and sunny skies inland san francisco will have a high of sixty seven oakland expecting a high of 73 san jose will reach eighty four this afternoon and in sacramento you can look for a high of ninety six degrees it's morning edition from npr news i'm rachel martin and i'm steve inskeep president trump's message on transgender people was couched in the polite language of us sign on a wall at a swimming pool or in a bathroom please via vise erode on twitter the united states government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to.

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