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Along Steven Tyler when they started around issues this is the way to music to all our fans reporter is tomorrow the those days would be kicked out of band but the something award with all of them and Steven Tyler's there on stage watching them last night on that stage trying to do an energetic performance I have no idea how they're going to pull a residency off night after night show after show I don't know man Keith Olbermann is sixty one years old joy sports he worked for sports center for a long time but these like turned out to be like a huge ultra liberal political TV commentator now he's back with ESPN right now because he got fired from MSNBC and then he was doing something I think it was for vogue magazine or something where he was basically just doing a podcast in his basement yelling about the president we are no longer a sovereign nation we are no longer a democracy we are no longer free people we are the victims of a bloodless coup engineered by Russia with at best the traders in difference of the Republican Party and Donald John trump he's a blast at parties and none of which is absolutely true that the Russians stuff has got blown out of the water the collusion stunning you know what I think we all if if the world had a front porch all man what we all.

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