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Which had taken the girls but she denied any knowledge of their disappearance still was noted that one of the men had been seen several times of mary's home. The neighbors were suspicious but he told everyone that he was going there to try. And discover the truth and hopefully trick. Mary into telling him where she was hiding the children. They could find no proof that mary had taken their young ones then came the night when the daughter of the sawmill owner rose from her bed and walked outside following an enchanted sound. No one else could hear the mill. Owner's wife had a toothache and was sitting up in the kitchen treating her tooth with an herbal remedy. What her daughter left the house. She yelled for her husband. Followed the girl out of the house. Her husband came running in his bed clothes and tried to restrain the girl but she kept breaking away in heading out of town. The desperate cries father and mother woke villagers. They came to help. The frantic couple suddenly a former yelled out and pointed to a strange glowing light at the edge of the woods. A few townsman followed him out into the field of saw mary standing beside a large tree holding a magic wand that was pointed towards the mill. Owner's house she was glowing with an unearthly light as she set her evil spell. Upon the miller's daughter the townsman grab their guns and their pitchforks chased after the witch when. Mary heard the noise saw the group. She broke off her spell and fled back into the woods when the villagers reached the cabin took mary into custody. She screamed putting a curse on all of the women in the village. Discursive is said to be the curse of the chanter a curse that causes young women to take part in the ritual summoning bloody. Mary as time went on during her trials. The folks noticed that she was with child. Said she would not tell anyone who the father of the child was. She was put on another trial adultery. If mary was found guilty of this trial she would be sentenced to terrible. Fate says the father. The child was not discovered in. Mary proclaimed the child was an immaculate conception. Local minister declared the child to be satan and ordered to be murdered immediately. Onto livery and. Mary would be slashed in the face with sharp glass by everyone every woman for the crimes of kidnapping their children from that day to this when a girl reaches her teenage years and starts spending more time looking in the mirror brushing her hair putting on lipstick or makeup. Mary carries out the original curse on young woman. The curse of the chantiers. Anyone foolish enough to chant bloody. Marys named ten times before dark mirror will summon the vengeful spirit of the witch of bloody mary. But was there a real bloody mary at the boston. Latin school in boston massachusetts. The very first school opened in the new world people have always claimed that bloody mary can be seen in the bathroom mirror for the school. She was always described as standing looking out of the mirror with a bloody dress on..

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