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West Virginia, Joe Biden, President Trump discussed on WBT's Morning News with Bo Thompson


B. teams time eight oh to the pope is now weighing in on the issue of racism and against street violence after week of unrest across the USA will hone their analytical platoon pope Francis coating the unrest in the U. S. disturbing saying he's been watching with great concern in his weekly audience the pope saying we cannot tolerate toll turn a blind guy to racism and exclusion in any full access okay I'm going to be on the collision he also criticized how some of the protests have cried out saying the violence of recent nights a self destructive and self defeating adding that he's praying for George Floyd the man who died in police custody in Minneapolis and he urged Americans to pray for national reconciliation and yeah I'm about out of the country as soon as you're not in London Simon nine fox news protests against racial injustice not just happening here in the U. S. in Paris France right officers fired tear gas to scatter protesters seen throwing projectiles and setting fires during a demonstration against police violence and racial injustice in that country several thousand people rallied peacefully for about two hours Tuesday around the main Paris courthouse in homage to George Floyd and a black man who died in French police custody recently police have banned the protest because of coronavirus restrictions in Australia police urging thousands of demonstrators planning to attend a protest rally in Melbourne over toward Floyd's death to reconsider due to a coronavirus social distancing roles in that country the rally is planned for Saturday thousands of already gathered peacefully in Sydney and Perth in solidarity with US demonstrators and to protest against the over representation of indigenous Australians in prisons yesterday was a presidential primary day for several states president trump and former vice president Joe Biden each won their respective primaries and all the states that help contest yesterday next up next week's primaries in West Virginia and in Georgia eighteen is time eight oh for now your W. B. T. forecast from the weather channel well John my computer crashed I think I'll.

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