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Hello i'm ted site he's and this is capital allocators this show is an open exploration of the people and process behind capital allocation through conversations with leaders in the money game we learn how these holders if the keys to the kingdom allocate their time and their capital you can keep up today by visiting capitol allocators podcasts dot com with so much of the institutional world focused on value investing including my own training i was pleasantly surprised to learn about a large high performing growth stock manager located in a nondescript building in laguna beach california my guest on today's show is paul black portfolio manager and co ceo of wcm investment management a twenty six billion dollar manager of global equities that he joined when it was a two hundred million dollar boutique in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine polls early career included positions at wells fargo bank and bank of america our conversation starts with paul's trial by fire entry into the business and turns to growth stock investing including defining a great growth company searching for widening moats assessing a culture that's tied to competitive advantage creating a positive culture within wcm learning from mistakes identifying tailwinds and protecting the downside paul embodies the principles he preaches an offer some tasty food for thought please enjoy my conversation with paul black paul is great to be here with you i know we've been trying to do this for a while why don't we start with how in the world.

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