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So I don't know if that had anything to do with it. I don't know to be honest with you. I don't I don't know. know. I I think. think that there's a good villain is always an easier sell on a fight to. I think the fact that he's not likeable, and I'm not crazy about him either. But I do think he deserves that shot, but I like tomorrow a lot more as a person I really like him, but Koby being kind of a dick or a villain. Certainly does not hurt sell the fight, you know, but I think for you it works out. Well, either way, and I think the I don't think Colby will fight you before he fights Kamara or tyrant for the next five is going to be a title shot. If he's gonna fight. Yeah. I heard there was rumor that he was gonna fight till in London. And I don't think that's going to happen. I think Mazda got that one. So at the time when I was looking for a fight that fight was like out there. You know, the the information was out there on social media Cobra coffee kings, fight kill mountain, blah, blah, blah or sitting for it. So might mantle everybody's just going up. So, but that's not happening Mazda dog. I think taking over that. So yeah, I don't think Colby. I mean. And it's understandable. I mean, you're supposed to be fighting for the town. I'm not gonna find anybody to fight for the title told me. I was no fight. You know? So that's understandable one. He's he's gonna wait. I believe the fight for that title. Yeah. Why why didn't I because I think you against San pods? Nubia will be an incredible fight. What happened with that? Did he does not want to go? Does he hurt? No, I I really don't understand. What was going on the we were talking back with the coaches and everything, and and I just believe he just didn't wanna fight. I think he's finding RDA. Now. That's the guy. He wanted to fight. You don't wanna fight me. It looked like for for a little while there that it was going to happen. And I was preparing for that was probably we were on vacation Christmas vacation. We're actually went the wildlands. I was training. On vacation. And and then the fight ended up happening. So which is okay, I'm coming into this camp in already in check. Now, it might have been on that vacation. And this is coming from MRs, Sarah, my wife, you made a nervous don't play catch. What you nephew don't do that you and Chris wideman were you know, what I'm talking about. It wasn't that far a throw. Oh, my. Oh, the throwing the baby now. But it was it was funny. You guys are aesthetical. You gotta dangerous realize wonderboy if they have a family reunion. How dangerous his family is not just with his father is alone. Is a scary individual. Yes. But you know, him one the boy. Boy could take out a whole bar now. Then you pick your they're related to the wineman. That's right. You know, not only that his other sister is married to call those Machado of the famous Machado clan. I mean that is I mean holy shit. Man. You guys have all the bases covered. You guys got the karate. Call those brings into ju jitsu jujitsu master Wiedeman with the wrestling and look at you guys. I'm just thinking about its crows a plan from the get-go. Plan. They weren't playing marriages..

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