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What does the quote on money been beer or some years years one is to be exactly and i was like okay so that's interesting i look it up and he didn't actually say that like you know it was like a misquote from him but i was still hooked on on opened the brewery because i had to two good friends kristen that were really good home brewers and i texted them both one night on a group tax and i was like hey you guys want open up a brewery they both just wanna like jer so then we continue to plan for like two years and then you know ian ian goes on to become like a lawyer and he just bannon's us whatever slacker whatever birkin i continued and you know we yeah it was about two years in september two thousand sixteen we hired a bunch of all some people and you still have most of those people with you understand oh yeah christa basically you know keeps us all i on task focus exactly yeah it's been awesome i mean yet look you said like before we hit our one year we more than doubled passively by adding tanks so we started on four ten barrel fermenters in that we add it to thirty barrel firm it's so so we had went from forty to a hundred barrels of ferment space which i did not have planned in my business plan and i've seen i've i've talked to chris a little bit and his business plan he's a business guy yeah me this guy he has everything planned on the business guy i've everything planned out that business plan was the bane of my existence because i knew what you needed to get money from a bank you need a solid business plan and that's my background i've worked in public accounting and i have a good business background the boring stuff all right the heavy lifting that needs to be done before.

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