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A grand jury has been impaneled in New York to consider indictment against former President Trump Prosecutors plan to present evidence in a criminal investigation into Trump and his company that also may expand to include his family members. 74 year old denies doing anything wrong and calls the move a political witch hunt Washington Post is reporting the grand jury will sit three days a week for six months to consider the case. The U. S is reaching a new milestone in Corona virus vaccinations. CDC says half of American adults have rolled up their sleeves to get vaccinated. That amounts to about 129 million adults. Here's White House covert advisor Andy Slavitt. The progress that we've made we reduce suffering across the country is due to all of you who have gotten vaccinated about 39% of the entire population of the country's been vaccinated. Nearly half of those getting At least one dose. Slavitt wants to get to the bottom of how the pandemic started, he says there needs to be a transparent process from China with the full assistance of the World Health Organization Here's Nation correspondent Joe Khalil in Washington. Many Republicans have accused Dr Fauci and the CDC of flip flopping on their conclusions and downplaying the lab leak theory. We're told this came from the wet market lab from exotic animals, but not one animal. Tested positive for the virus, Senator Rand. Paul and others say the U. S. Should cut off funding for joint research with Chinese scientists. Meantime, the Biden administration says it will push for an investigation and says they won't draw conclusions without evidence. The Pentagon is accelerating the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. U. S service members and their NATO allies. Are scheduled to be out of Afghanistan now by early to mid July. That's well ahead of the September 11th timeline. President Biden announced planeloads of equipment and troops have been flying out of the country at a steady pace. The Ford plant in Chicago is shutting down again. WGN's Kevin Wells has that the plant will shut down next week and then operate on a reduced schedule beginning the week of June. 7th. It's one of many Ford auto factories that will be down because of the shortage of the micro chips that are commonly used in vehicles such as in review cameras. Lane assistant parallel parking systems. This plant in Chicago employs around 6000 workers. It's also expected to affect suppliers in the region stretching in Northwest Indiana. Kevin Wells, WGN News Chicago, Skiles Sky filed a complaint with the WN BA last night. The Tribune, says coach James Wade, who's black. Says an official referred to him as boy during the team's game against Atlanta. The term has his been historically used as a demeaning reference to black men. Sky spokesperson says players even heard the official used the term the WN BA has so far not yet commented. And now with WGN sports Here's Andy Maser porches sponsored by points Bet Jose Hombre You Homer drove in four runs the White Sox over the Cardinals 8 to 3 yesterday, a guaranteed right field. Lucas Giolito, beating his former high school teammate Jack Clarity to get the victory. Giolito two runs allowed just one earned over six innings. Whiteside's take the first two games of the series. They go for the sweet Today, Cardinals have lost three straight. And the Cubs are taking full advantage of the White Sox, beating the Cardinals with Cubs, 4 to 3 win in Pittsburgh. They're not just a half a game behind the Cardinals in the central Division, Jack Peterson with a pair of home runs. Both had four more shutout innings. Craig Kimbrel records the same Cubs have won seven of their last nine games have 25 victories on the season. Nico Horner was forced to leave the game yesterday with left hamstring strain. More information about his status will be coming later this afternoon. NBA playoffs from yesterday. The Nets go up to nothing, and they're serious against the Celtics. Maverick do the same against the Clippers. Lakers have even up there serious against the sons after a one on 91 out to win, and he tell Stanley Cup playoffs may believe some of the Canadians for nothing. Toronto leaves that serious three games to one Hurricanes beat the Predators, 3 to 2 in overtime, Carolina and our 32 lead in that Syria's Wayne Gretzky has stepped down from his role with the Evanston Oilers. Effective immediately. The Great One set to join TNT is a hockey analyst for next season and the Chicago Sky Fall of the Atlanta Dream. 1983 I'm Andy Maser double TGS sport Now the forecast from the permits you Weather center mostly cloudy with showers this morning and then drawing out with sunshine for the rest of the day high near 84. Mostly clear tonight a low down to 52 then mostly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms possible tomorrow, especially afternoon and evening high.

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