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One when i was in college intersection of neuroscience and philosophy and at pitzer college where i went to school. You're able to designer a major and design my on major. I call the consciousness studies but it was really philosophy psychology and neuroscience and. I was tutored mentored by brian as well as a psychologist who has passed Sadly about ten years ago. Now william banks at pomona was a very close advisor. Might as well who's very interested in consciousness and so my undergraduate studies really were already at the intersection of these disciplines. I'll be focused on experience. The qualitative nature of consciousness in related aspects of subjectivity. And so forth of the mind. When i graduated from college i had The i think not too uncommon experience. Of what the hell do. I do now especially with a degree in consciousness science or consciousness studies and i decided to get a more rigorous training in analytic philosophy. And i did that. I got a master's degree in philosophy from walkie but then realized that i still love some of the pure glass backs of the study of mine and by then i had decided to move away from consciousness which i still find it very interesting and completely confounding. Basically every theory of never did a rational decision around especially giving my own intellectual limitations in in time and so forth and so i decided to pursue a fundamental questions in cognition in cog neuroscience and as well i Matriculated duke university where. They're only at the time they're still aren't very many Interdisciplinary programs at the graduate level. That combine off philosophy and the neurosciences and duke university had Has this wonderful Institutional mechanism for fostering interdisciplinary endeavor at the graduate level. They're called graduate. Admitting programs and i was in the cognitive neuroscience graduating program and i was able to Trickily within duke to the flossy department my second year for my actual phd out..

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