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Of GE lighter. She's going be out with the kiss squad this morning. So the assignment is downing. So let it be rolling from kissing Burbank over to Downey and just a little bit. Good morning. Let the how are you? Hi, Ryan morning. I'm glad I'm a little a little bit of a hangover from all the candidate yesterday, though. Yes, you sound. Like, you also may have glitter on you. There might be some glitter. Leftover we have glitter leftover all over this studio. And the strange thing is that they were all dressed as may. So I don't know either. Oh my God. They look. So by the way, I thank you. I was very impressed with the creativity. So you're gonna be out in Downey where are you going to be we're going to be right outside of Macy's. As don't shopping center in Downey and three. We are going to have passage screening of Dr Seuss the grant twisted opening nationwide on November nine fantastic to the Macy's still want shopping's their Firestone and Lakewood boulevard, Our Lady, we'll talk to you. And you get out there. Okay. Bye. Bye until let's get to tell me something good. I'm gonna bring it back in nineteen. I'm bringing back for nineteen guys until are doing it every time. All right. Remind me. Jau to allow Jau drove. This is Trey my trainee journey to me termi. Good morning. How are you? Are you super good? Thank you for listening to us. So tell us something that we just want a little goodness to get us going this morning. Okay. This past Friday, I completed real estate to be a real core in Idaho. I live in Boise. Oh. We'll congratulations. I was just in a place called quarterlane, Idaho. We have not been.

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