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The Briana Taylor case, and there has been since the public first learned of what happened what went down at that apartment back in March. I'll just say this. You cannot trust the media one way or another on this thing because the media is leaving out. Facts of the case, Ignoring facts of the case, smothering facts of the case. I would just say, Find everything you can find out. In terms of your own fact finding missions and then come to your own opinion, even from places that you might not Usually go well, but this is the problem And it's a problem with politics to is. People find what speaks to them the narrative that they choose that they want to believe, and they don't They shut their eyes to everything else. As soon as they start reading something that they disagree with, or it doesn't fit what they have in their head. They ignore it because we're not listening to each other. I'm sorry. Say that again, exactly. You know, I was watching one network news source, and they were completely ignoring the huge bombshell that stuck out to me yesterday. Was that this was not a no knock warrant. We'll cover huge Harris yesterday. Tweeted. This is ours. After Daniel camera, the attorney general came out and said This was not a no knock warrant. She tweeted last night that you know our heart aches for Briana Taylor's family and that this is being you know, we have to continue to seek justice and including reworking how we do no knock warrants. Well, what? First of all, that's one of those things that you're so you're ignoring a major piece of the story that came out yesterday. And why I did it on Li come out yesterday. It would behoove them to put that out months ago, But But here's the other thing. Nobody's listening. Well, Salar have already made up their mind about this and and our Doug digging their heels in I think the big thing that came out of yesterday, which is the root of the problem was the warrant situation it despite the fact it was a no. No, it was not a no knock warrant right despite the fact that a witness saw That officer knock on the door, announce himself as police and all of that It's still a problem when it's in the middle of the night. Like I've said before, if it's the middle of the night and someone's banging on my door and I've got a weapon, I'm gonna grab that weapon. And even if they say it's the police, I still in skeptical in my mind. I just woke up. You know someone's banging on my door. They said, Please, I don't know. So I have my weapon in my hand. They burst in and just me holding my gun would be enough for them to shoot me, and that's a problem like that. Problem, and I understand the need for the police to have an element of surprise with some of these things, but that's still an issue. It's an issue for the officers as well S O The fact that the attorney general came out yesterday and said, We are going to put a task force together and just break down. How we do warrants and really look at a top to bottom review of this and find out with the best practices are I think that's a huge deal. Ah, huge. I want to say concession, but ah, great first step. Well, and it's an acknowledgement that this is a you know, it's a symptom of a Of what could be a systemic problem when it comes to warrants in general, how they're achieved, how they're how they're applied for how they're accepted how the judge approves, and I mean, that's sort of all of that, and that's what the attorney general's talking about. I also pointed out yesterday, and I tried to find out more information about it last night, the investigation into the actual warrant itself. Because, as the attorney general pointed out those three officers that were involved in the actual knocking on the door shooting Ian Briana Taylor's apartment. They are not the officers who Ah, who sought the warrant in the first place, which could be nothing. It could also mean that there were problems with the original warrant. So that's a different issue. Now. Last night, there were protests in all honesty. Was pretty amazed that they were not as violent as they could have been at about six o'clock. Our time was when the curfew hit in Louisville and for the most part all of the Louisville Curiel Juror Courier Journal or whatever the newspapers. The TV stations. They were all reporting within a few minutes of nine o'clock Louisville time that the streets were clearing out and there was a there was a shooting. There were two officers who were hit and the update from police chief Robert Trader came this morning, Mr Robinson, there's Roaches. Was shot in the abdomen last night, having to undergo surgery as a result of his injuries. He's in stable condition and expected to recover Major Aubrey Gregory. He was the commander of her. Special operations division and was leading efforts on the ground last night. I was treated and released from University Hospital for a gunshot wound to his hip, which is pretty amazing, considering the damage that could have been done. I mean, this is again a shooting of police officers that we've seen echoed. You know, just a couple of weeks ago in the ambush against the two deputies that they were able to survive was pretty crazy. Did you see what happened in Seattle? Soon. There were protesters there and police on on bikes and one of the police officers. On the bikes. Ah, it's slipped and fell off the bike or whatever, and he's getting back up and someone takes a baseball bat to his head. Miraculously. I mean, he was injured, obviously, but he was able to walk away from that situation. But so I guess my question is, what's What's your expectation at that point? If you're the guy with a bat, what do you expect to happen? You have to bet on the fact that you're going to be killed. Well, the officer responded by pepper spraying. The guy which I thought was That's an amazing show of restraint, either. Yeah. Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville. Said. We have to watch ourselves any seed Briana Taylor's case as both the tragic death of a young woman in the continuation of a long pattern, a devaluation and violence. Black women and men face in our country, as they have historically, as for what's next, reject violence and join me and committing ourselves to the work of reform. For justice and for equity and do that Now we have to respond to what Dr King called the fierce urgency of now. Here in the wings, by the way, is the ongoing and potentially Mohr. Damaging trial against the officers accused of killing George Floyd. Because it's not a clear cut case. Because that guy had fentanyl in his system. He had underlying health conditions. Now the state of Minnesota says that you as a law enforcement officer, If you have anything to do to speed up that guy's death, you could be on the hook for murder. What if I'm pretty sure that the what would that what he did sped up the death, right? But I'm saying that there there are arguments and the trial itself is going to be tough to convict. It really is. It always is. Look at the numbers. Very few officers who go on trial for acting in the in the line of duty are convicted..

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