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We start to dry out high temperatures will be 48 will be right around 47 on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday. We stay in the forties but heading into next Saturday high temperatures once again will be up to the fifties with dry conditions. Fox 31 meteorologist Jessica label, she says low temperatures will be into the upper twenties. The state Department of Public Health says Colorado has now exceeded the covert 19 hospitalization peek from April. The state says that we reached this peak faster than models predicted. It means we could surpass I seeyou capacity in late December. Rather than January, a slew of executive orders expected once President Electoral Biden is sworn into office next year. Sources tell The Washington Post. The executive orders would undo previous ones made by President Trump, including an end on the ban of immigration from multiple Muslim majority countries and reinstating the dreamer program. Letting Children brought illegally into the U. S to stay in the country. National Bison Day a remarkable species three vital ization. North America. We went from 30 to 40 million animals roaming across North America before the European settlers came, and about 18 85 we were down to the estimates are about 700 animals would left alive. Dave Carter with the National Bison Association, while opposed by cattlemen. Proposition 1 14. Narrow passage means parks and wildlife will be begin planning the reintroduction of grey wolves into Colorado parks and wildlife. Officials say the law protects wolves from those who don't want them around Broncos and the Falcons. Later on this morning, our next updated 1 30, I'm vehicle shell on camera news radio 8 50 am in 94 1 at.

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