Harbaugh, NFL, Pino discussed on Attack Each Day: The Harbaughs' Podcast - Our 3 co-hosts talk about their former players, great teammates and they share football stories with guest George Whitfield


When we get back george whitfield on attack each day the harbaugh boss spots podcast podcast you you're listening to attack each day the harbaugh's podcast near my name is easy schuster and i'm rich eisen words heating up once again in the studio with our new path mr enrich podcast one one born in case you're wondering what the show's abound sometimes were not just sports you see what i'm saying that we actually like being an event we do enough to work together i think hillary did that's why we have spent enough time other that were sitting your podcast one so we're sports cats castres and we're parents's will talk sports and may be the parental god's will be suggest that every now and then i would hope so because this is not an xray a podcast none of us had originally friendly it is exactly that so we're just going to be hanging out talk of sports and other stuff and i will try to edge hey you on all things in the nfl is like yours behind every great man is a woman that's correct join us every wednesday exclusively on podcast one subscribed today pino is good for you on apple podcast soren high blood dot com or download the funding in podcast one in half half come to give belhassine stock up on everything you need for your hunt you'll find savings on your favorite hunting brands like avian acts frowning winchester and more plus get two hundred dollars office easy you as a deal over in under shotgun bring the whole family for a weekend of fun we have seminars activities in prices get ready for the hunt now to october 25th only at kabila's see store for details now back to attack each day the harbaugh's podcast welcome back to attack each day the harbas podcasts we are joined in house on location with our distinguished guest quarterback guru mentor to the stars tv personality i whatever you call yourself george we have massed one tiger nathela neiger george whitfield jr son of the famous george whitfield senior and.

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