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Into Prince George's County, and that's where we find w t. O P S John Doman. Some of the roads feeding along the Central Avenue corridor this morning, are still blocked with trees blocking traffic up and down Enterprise Road in Mitchellville, for instance. Here along Rollins Avenue in Capitol Heights. You see some snap limbs lying along sidewalks and creeping into the road, a neighborhood of town homes just off the street has several smaller limbs along the ground. There are a couple of bigger branches probably 10 to 15 ft. Long and that's going to require cruise with chainsaws to come in and clean up over in Booyah tree also came crashing through the roof of a home sitting near the W. B in a trail that one landed in someone's bedroom. No one got hurt there, though, since no one was home when all that happened along Rollins Avenue in Capitol Heights, John Doman w T o P News, w. T. O p's Dave Dill Dine waited near the National Mall for the storm to pass scores of large limbs and entire trees down, many snapped at their trunks. The elms taking a hard hit, especially near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington Monument. Long swaths of Independence Day fencing for crowd control blown over lots of displaced trash cans on 15th street, a dozen or so porter parties windblown and overturned, blocking the roadway. With less than two days before the capital Fourth celebration. It's a race against time as a painstaking cleanup begins on the National Mall. Dave Golden w. T o P. News you can see if Dave's photos and video from last night at w t o p dot com. Yeah. Just in the W T o p this morning. We are following a developing story out of Montgomery County. A fire caused by a down tree is leaving multiple.

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