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With Valero and Nike and Budweiser. We'll be right back. Want more information on this show, fills gain dot com or give them a call at eight seven seven six hundred gang. At Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital, we're fighting against childhood cancer every day at the heart of this battle. Our donors. Most of us want to make some type of difference in the lives of others. Saint Jude does miraculously work the fact that no one has to pay. It's a place where everyone is treated as an equal. Everybody is welcome here. And it doesn't matter your religion, or what part of the world, you're from all that is taken away. It's just gives you some hope. It's just a nice feeling to put your energy into something that really does genuinely make a difference in a child's life. There's just no greater if we have the ability to help, then we have a responsibility to help finding cures saving children. Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital. Find out how you can help at Saint you dot org. Number one this market crashed in two thousand nine it should have never crash because the chairperson of these two committees their job was to protect consumers..

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