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It really is just not to be believed. It's just fun to interact with it. It's fun to interact with it. So who all deletes it? You guys delete it? No. Do I have no storage to the point where I need to delete an app offline? Or let it go to the cloud, wherever that is. Let's bring it back. We're deleting apps off our phone. What kind of OCD do we have? I also look at how good doing a bad game. Looks so good. Download a game. Just to play devil's advocate, it's probably like when the week happens, redownloading it, you're probably like, oh, it's happening again. But you have to I don't think it's a storage issue. Anyway. So I also don't slide for apps anymore. I pulled down and I tight. Wow, what? Yeah. Pull down and I just hit him. And then the master just comes bang right there. You just pull down. Pull down from where slide down. We're in the middle of the radio. You guys are crazy. No way. Yeah, you just type in like M or T middle of the phone swipe down. You don't even have to go through all the way to the top, it screws you up. If you go middle phone down, Twitter. Yeah, Frank. Well done. I've been doing that for a year. Wait, where's your Twitter app? Well, it's all my main screen too, but if I have to fucking bounce around, I'm always in this right here, this search bar. So if you're listening to this and you don't have an iPhone, first of all, grow up and maybe I don't know. You are making everyone's life worse with your green bubbles. It's the poorest thing you can ever do. It is. You could have the most money. I mean, I bet you like the most rich people on the planet have. Like I bet androids. Dude, Andrew. And I met Bill Gates has a bunch of Bill Gates as an Android. He probably has a Google phone, absolutely poor. That's nothing to do with your actual money in your bank account. It's a poor decision to use. He's living poor. A green bubbled phone. iPhone till I die. I'm also gonna buy an iPad. We had an iPad. And iPad at our fingertips this week. Those things are nice. iPad is a device that in theory makes no sense that it would add value. And it just is awesome. It makes all the value in the world I have an iPhone. I have a laptop, I have a TV, I have all the things..

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