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Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red 6 15 Dave Johnson. You know what basketball players that have the ball? Lot of going to commit throat over is it happened last night to Russell Westbrook and the Wizards won 37 1 15 loss of Raptors Westbrook five turnovers and head coach Scott Brooks explains with all learned how to dribble from the day we picked up a basketball and when you when you have a dribble in the ball suddenly doesn't come back to your hand because your hand is being Blocked by another person, Dharam. That's frustrating, and we don't get those calls. And those are those turnovers. But the coach also knows the loss. Not about Miss Coles. But Mr Simon's air defense gave up 19 3 pointers last night. Men's basketball George Mason 77 45. Whatever afforded and Fred Good, stable, sudden this group. They've worked really hard. They've been coachable. They've taken what's been handed to him in terms of like up. Don't Now you're going to ST Bonaventure. Oh, now you're going to deepen again for a second time, like how does that happen? They just stayed with it. Yeah, the Patriots. Angela scrambled had to travel all over the place because of covert 19 concerns. Ninth ranked Virginia 57 49 whatever Georgia Tech now that quarterback Taylor Hideaki has a two year contract with the washing football team, his goals be more durable puts more weight on. That's what's one big thing, But you know, the biggest thing that quarterback is just being consistent. You know, you can't have one good game and then be off the next to defending champion Sofia can get lost in straight sets. O'ciock unhappy Dave Johnson over you till the sports still ahead. We continue to track this morning's wintry weather. He had 6 16 this week. It's Safeway. Shop with.

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