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S air now reporting more than 1000 cases of covert on campus. And that was our reporter. ABC is Mona Cozaar Abdi U. S Census Bureau workers. They're now going toward the door in Sacramento to assist people in responding to the 2020 census, along with hundreds of thousands all across the country. So far, Sacramento already has had a self response rate of 68%. The day. Ben's of the Census Bureau says he expects to see since his workers in the neighbourhood seven days a week to make sure everybody's counting. We make sure that our census takers are well trained in terms of how to keep your information, private. Because one of the points that we want to make sure the public is aware of regarding the 2020 senses that any information that we collect in a number of our different surveys is that the information is kept private. It can't be traced back to the respondent and it can't be used against them by law enforcement. The Census Bureau convince it a home up to six times. To try to get a response. Blood plasma has increasingly become important for cover 19 vaccine research and treating civility, severely ill patients. Ah Sacramento woman who recovered from Coben 19. Knew she could help. Dina Kodiak has more twists on saw an article about a church in South Korea that already had 1600 of its members. Donate plasma was amazing that one organization from a smaller country, a country that's like a quarter of the size of California, they were able to come together with that. Many people imagine how much that could do. Even this within California. It's a gift that only people who've had covert 19 and recovered can give at someone who witnessed the reality of this pandemic. Even if there's a slim chance is donating blood plasma would help. I would want to take that you convince it your local donation site or visit red cross blood dot org's Dina Kodiak News 93.1 KFBK. And more on those three sacrament of schools, which are in the process now of being renamed the SECNAV City Unified School District, saying it's going to move forward with their plans to as they put it, remove symbols of intolerance from campuses. The district plans to first rename three schools Kit Carson. Center Middle School and Peter Burnett Elementary. Sacramento City Unified says the renaming of the schools is part of the district's first effort to dismantle racism from within the system. And let's get caught up in this hour's top national stories. Now on news 93.1 KFBK.

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