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After a shooting that injured two officers in Denver this afternoon near sixth and Inca. The denver. Police department says the officers were taken to the hospital. They are said to be in good condition. DVD's says the scene is still active though, and you are still encouraged to avoid those areas around sixth seventh Santa Fe and Gallup. Hey, go streets in the areas closed that still includes eastbound sixth avenue at I twenty five good areas all to avoid and again, stay tuned KOA for the latest on this breaking story. Well, strong winds ahead of our cold front, especially in the mountains. Head of the cold front, which is expected to roll through overnight Sunday into Monday winds will really be gusty in the mountains. Some gusts fifty to sixty mile per hour from time to time and even over some of the mountain passes late in the afternoon and evening. Some of the Gus could go up to seventy miles per hour and some of the mountains CBS sports, Dave Aguilera, says snow. Oh, we'll start overnight in the metro area by the morning commute. We could have dusting to two inches of snow. Well, it's a new life. Where a pair of big cats rescued from an island in the South Pacific, the lion. Tiger now. Call the wildlife sanctuary in Kuenssberg home, they arrived in Colorado malnourished. But now Tauscher the tiger is doing better as is Lambert. The lion can seize put on a fair amount of way, I would see at least a hundred twenty if not a hundred and forty pounds a with sanctuary north northeast of Denver, tell CBS for both cats had spent their entire lives alone. But now they have the familiarity of being around other lions and Tigers at the sanctuary. It is the last day of the national western stock show right now final event the.

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