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Two seven years and the prison to conserve two terms so potentially the current president who is already serving three terms were five years h who'd done again for another two terms but so far hasn't indicated whether who will be standing again but so many people here believe that he cannot be doing everything he can to change the constitution for somebody else gives some background grantee this referendum in terms of campaigning well the campaign has been marred some try some violence especially against opposition parties those who have been campaigning for a note to the changes of the constitution there have been also a massacre in the west of burundi where twenty six people were killed so but other role given the very tough situation in burundi that it has been there since the twenty fifteen crisis the campaign hasn't been that violent odd people would have feared in burundi next to photography exhibition here in london with some of the best pictures from around the world including those that documents social change in africa the exhibition is gold photo london richard hamilton has been finding out more on standing in front of a self portrait of a young man from the him that people of namibia and he's wearing what looks like a traditional african outfit but if you look at it more closely it's got a lacoste symbol and he's also wearing modern western sort of g lay so i'm with the for talk for kyle weeks what were you trying to do in this project this particular project was born out of of myself becoming aware of the sort of misrepresentation of the over himba culture as a whole i became aware of this rift between the representation and actualities of these people's reality particularly the fact that the young men in general on notch really photograph much at all that must probably be as a result of this hybridise fashion sense and the fact that that doesn't really play into.

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