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Were building the base for a recession stock. It's not we're recession resistant. That's confirmed categorize great to see you. So let's bill newly tracing President and CEO Constellation Brands S. T. Z. It's what you buy when you're going into a recession monies back getting harder and harder find stocks with no hair on them when a stock his heroism. Not like this. It's like fun hair your soup. Something's very wrong. You didn't anticipate I don't mean the obvious losers I mean if you put it. Retailer smashed restaurants stocking cap or macy's a brinker. You knew what you're getting into some arty. No I'm telling you must Johnson Johnson. That's a classic recession stock. In a long time Kramer faith change as the best pipeline ministry not to mention one of the future play balance sheets on earth. This is exactly the kind of stock that you've worked during a slowdown except not this time. There's some heroin. Jj Division sales knee replacement every hospital bed taken up by corona virus patients. You can hold off from that kind of survey where the Stock Down Twenty Bucks. Hi I think baked in here. We earned the trust. Actually buy more. But there's always some big shareholder out there who hasn't even heard yet that they have something involved with knees an elective surgery and they're eager to write off change as a bad business because of the subpar orders in placements. Same thing happened with Coca Cola. Now I've always felt always the recession proof stock until an analyst was he put out than coca-cola's bothers me need some supporter and put a real dent in their earnings again. And we should be used to find out but there's always someone doesn't seem to notice stocks to sell the twenty one times earnings and that's certainly a high multiple for copy. That might have an open ended spending problem. I ran into the same problem with one of my face Abbvie. We traveled just following by joining the extras plus dot com club. It's got a fantastic dividend abbey's acquiring allergen. Remember them and they're doing mainly talks franchise and that's a great business long-term bright now doctors do not essential procedures which definitely includes yes indeed cosmetic surgery and blow talks sadly just to live with a wriggles around crow's-feet for the duration. Now there are worse hardships. But it's putting a wrinkle in these numbers. Oh how about this? Which ruin the united technologies big break-up then slash birger with Raytheon that came on the finish today grace on squawk on the street this ever? Since the initial corona virus outbreak in China United Technologies. Otis l their division has been albatross around its neck. That's why we've been reluctant to buy the stock for the trust. Now the United Technologies and Raytheon merged give premium aerospace and defense contractor. Unfortunately that sounds quite as it used to be because aerospace has got Tiso hair on a bear market now as for the heating ventilation air conditioning business. So Red Hopkins a lot of construction whether it's not a lot of construction era cova. Suddenly which is the the One Otis. Otis is the one that vision I really liked. Because it's so focused on China and now the China's beaten cove it. They've got the strongest economy in the world. Saved MAYBE TAIWAN. It's insane finally. There's the recession Pu stock. Are you know I think the world of and I'm talking about the Cormick? Yes the spices and seasonings maker their thriving. You were so many people cooking at home and by the way remember people stay at home doing the work however McCormack also gets about a quarter but sales from food service and food supply in it. Give it to restaurants. You're seeing stuff and that is basically closed for business. Fortunately a stay at home story is so fabulous for the consumer business that more than makes up for the commercial wages. And that's why McCormack's a terrific story the only problem there's always some. Schmo doesn't know about the commercial exposure. Which is why this dot com clobbered when it reported now though. I think in the united against US worries. We're ready. I think in one of these down jess you know. We're going to get next week. I'd be a buyer how. `Bout we had David in New Jersey. David Hey Jim Bola from point pleasant down the Jersey Shore. Oh Man I miss point pleasant. Yeah well they closed the beaches anyway over here now. I want to go down to grow with my daughter but I can't see my daughter because we're all under lockdown separately from each other's crazy. Well maybe I'll have time to read a couple of books that I have on the shelf now. That thank you. Sir. What's going on? Yeah so You know looking for some accidental high yielders and I came across Walgreens WB they have really good dividend they got a pretty good earnings report and I'm Gary Trading at year lows. I'm wondering if that really good trouble. I'm going to save you some trouble. Just in case I ever see Jenkins sits down there and point pleasant. Here's the problem data really bad last half for the quarter and I think they're splitting it. The next quarter's going to be bad. People aren't going to the stores. I want you to stay away from walgreens there. If you want yield that is not the way I want to get it. Wbz But thank you for the kind words and buying the books Robert in California Robert Blue Kramer my question. Is we go as we know lots of people are working on the covert vaccines and treatments including companies. Like Gilead Girona Babbitt lab. My question is how much is already priced into some of these names and which one would be better trade. We'll tell you I will tell you that I'm hearing good things anecdotally about Gilead hearing better things about regeneration. Abbott already is fantastic because of the tasks although you gotTa rant that test up more from just fifty thousand the Gilead has moved up and regeneration was the best from pouring stock and the S&P but you know what I will still endorse Gilead. I think that there's going to be good news. It's not gonNA knock out the thing but some good news Gary in Texas Gary. Jim like everybody else. War nerve by this Viral earthquake but I was. I was hanging in there but I'm afraid it's going to be followed by an economic sue. Nami so I ended up like what eight and everything. I'm mad money. I had it all and shop a fi which are love thanks to you. I picked it up. One seventy six opera fifty months ago on and just sold over four hundred but anyway. I'm anxious to get back in but I still forced to more bad news than good news in the near future. You think you know someone famous is GonNa die or unfortunately the death rates GonNa get ten thousand or twenty thousand and so my question to you is. I know you're gonNA tell me to get back in to do it in stages but a tip I want is when the look for the first stage to start getting back in question. And here's the issue and you know I do like shop affi- so much. It was telling people yesterday when you miss it. A big celtics ago when they pull their guidances ridiculous. You want to buy it but the stock has only down ten percents. Sure it's at forty one billion dollars market.

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