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Did they needed another veteran defender who then gets injured and it's it's tough i mean i think he's had more legitimacy after three titles on another two champions league finals so that the club tend to get him what he wants by you know sometimes that's not always a good thing i ii is that is falling asleep who do you think's gonna in jeopardy other napoli the best even in syria are at home against juventus is a shifting of ted i think napoli got an and we'd love to win the league in she sale today mm against so good okay saggozu governor netflix i think that when the going no love for you inventors are going through the draw you've uber heard offensive turnout afforded gaba shackles jealous because that's usually journalist stevie i'm going for uber i still trust them when it comes to the big game we'll get it done i'm going to go free events as if anybody cares just because they have allowed to transfer events as fans i'm afraid that come after me all right well that they gave me deed in the city and make sure to tune into espn fcthe show rather tomorrow we'll have full reaction from that class and we're looking at the primarily standings the bottom half though we spent so much time looking at the top half we've got our focused on two clubs everton and west brom they've been flirting with relegation line of a late so did not to renew manager stewart rump severe party's gone to west brom and big sam allardyce to ever to everton steward you wanna start first poetry.

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