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Term one nine eleven struck new york which was the greatest catastrophe ever to hit our country outside the civil war and you also have a watch katrina now you're watching what's going on with harvey so up what advice or council would you give a governor abbot about how to continue to handle these crises when we have katrina as a model that failed because mayor ray nagin who's now in prison for stealing money pursuant to katrina and the governor there kathleen blanco louisiana was largely dysfunctional state continues to be a lot dysfunctional and therefore they quickly transferred to george bush the president failures of new orleans in louisiana the same things not happening in texas goes taxes is a functional place in which even a harris county dozen function do bad but the rest of texas functions well when nine eleven happen we had rudi and we had protac we had functional people in charge of the clean up in the mess which went on for months and months and months so as an i like to think that what we have now is that taxes is the new york model and not the katrina model what do you see well bill that could have cream so far i'm impressed with grit governor abbot ra uh it called out the national guard and one of the magnitude became clear he called out the entire national guard to help out with their and uh just one other point that i think is important they tried to get him to criticized the mayor houston for not evacuating city when they had a huge advance notice governor abbot comment with this not the contract this with a crime for a response them i'm not going to criticise anybody until we know that we've done everything we can to protect the people of houston in the surrounding area and that is the right response because what happened at katrina if you had everybody pointing fingers yet the mayor pointing at the mix you had the fed and warning of the state you have the date pointing at the the the city uh and it was a catastrophe so far it seems to me that uh governor abbot is providing tremendous leadership the city the state and uh president trump and the feds seem to be doing what is asked to them appropriately as well which is which is the.

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