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Free credit monitoring from credit karma today download the credit karma app now credit karma here's to progress David Struff Pelino WBZ traffic on the three sixty four degrees in Boston mostly clear right now very breezy becoming beautiful today partly sunny and very hot on his final official day of summer twenty nineteen eighty five today tonight clear to partly cloudy still warm and more humid were headed down to sixty nine tomorrow first official day of autumn mix of sunshine and clouds quite warm humid and breezy going up to eighty seven but more like in the seventies in the Cayman Islands some showers and thunderstorms on the way tomorrow night Tuesday clouds in early showers toward the cave otherwise relatively cooler and less humid with a mix of sunshine and clouds high of seventy eight and plenty of sunshine on Wednesday beautiful day hiking up to seventy six this is WBZ newsradio ten thirties with the news watch it's Sunday morning to you I'm TV gal thank you for joining us as always here the five things you need to know at five forty five authorities are investigating a fatal shooting outside a hookah lounge and bar in average according to the Middlesex DA's office a person shot yesterday morning with a forty seven year old man from average this all happened early yesterday morning outside the car my lounge on ferry street for a black bear a shot and killed by environmental police authorities say that they're having causing problems the Fitchburg area all summer police were called Friday afternoon with their begin following three men playing a game and conch.

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