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Or, share them. With. People. And also like one time I read caviar and that got around and I. Think. That Bill Oakley was the guy who ordered Caviar Simpson's for dinner. and. Like people eight times agencies we're talking about it that became my claim to fame This is also at a time. Let say Fox was being really annoying like this is the number one show on. Fox. And like we're bringing in money for them and they never knowledge that's like we didn't get along with network let me say that or or the Twentieth Century Fox studio so At time we were just like we want cost them as much money as possible. Now, that was a different time and these days you can't order more than a twelve dollar sandwich. So like things that things have changed anyway. That's my story about the simpsons writers. Shrimp I. Remember. So many jokes that I assumed there was some internal things that I didn't understand as a ten year old child watching simpsons where you guys are dogging on. Fox, very openly all the time. How do those get through that? That was the Miracle Simpson's isn't didn't get to have any input like one. It's one of the few times in the history of television where the network wasn't allowed to have any input. This is because the network which is starting network was just invented in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, nine right and when they wanted James Brooks agreed to you know they had this short century Saleman when they turn into a series, A. James L. Brooks who had all these Academy Awards created Mary Tyler Moore in tax was able to just say, okay, we'll do the show. But you can have any input. You can't come to the table readings of the script. You can't see the scripts we'll deliver you a deliver you a final show, and you have to broadcast it and they agreed to that well, and it was a miracle like and that's how we got away with everything. We didn't have people who to censor. We weren't trying to push the envelope in terms of like language or nudity. Anyway. So the sensor it wasn't a big issue but. At. The time they had no input at all. They were I mean, maybe that's why they ignored us so much. Which is fine. You know. We we we have. We don't exactly have the type of budget that the simpsons would have at mythical but me and Nicole we've we've earth pocketed a fair amount of caviar at like it would have gone to waste. Problem in America we would've been remember remembering Baloney Caviar Sandwich for lunch one day in the office knows like this is my life. Now, this is happening lots of exotic meats get to go back home to me. So we've got an antelope stake in the freezer some some mantle but yeah, you better be chicken fried. Chicken until steak and let you know how. So what's it like coming from such vaunted network background Tonelli jumping into the digital media game with instagram reviews should just doesn't pay any money. So like. The lower main different. Mistakes are that's the thing about a most entertainment ventures that you can have all the creative freedom you want. If you don't want any money if you don't need any money like if you're asking someone else for money, you gotTa do what they say and you gotta take their notes and their input, which is why doing these things for instagram so delightful to me. Because I could come. In two hours later I, shot the video and it's out there in public and it doesn't have to lawyers. It doesn't have to go through the network executives giving me notes it doesn't have to have wherever it's entirely my creation So I I really do enjoy it quite a bit I enjoy pointing out that stuff because it's so different than my regular work, which has to go here these Chino everything. Takes eighteen months. It's gotTa go through ninety lawyers. You gotTa go through several layers of different executives, notes and things. If you're lucky, they're very good but sometimes in the past they haven't been. So it's a it's a very different world, but like I said, doesn't pay any money. So that's the trade off and that's the trade off for Alltel all kind of creative work you can write all the movie scripts you want. It, but they're not gonNA go anywhere. You know if you if you want any money for them, you're going to take someone else's notes. Oh. Yeah. Well, I mean it's funny because we're we're kind of we're in the digital space. You know obviously, we make youtube shows but you know we have a bit of a bigger company than a lot of places do it. So I think really strike a fine balance, a rican because as much caviar antelope stakes as we want still having a little bit of creative freedom and enough money to afford this beautiful bedroom. Nicole is a walk in closet. Converted walking clog me like. that. That would be an ideal mixture of the two is to have is to have your own TV show out of very pro. She doing this have a big show on Youtube and then you don't have to take anybody's annual also making money. That's amazing. It's been pretty chill. It's pretty chill. One the. One thing that's Super Pan with your instagram fast interviews is like truly how much you do enjoy it and one thing you can tell how you enjoy it is because you are frequent like you do it a lot and a lot of people will try and start a creative venture and then they'll peter out after like a month or two of doing it. But like it seems like you're really doing this like I don't know if altruism is the correct word but it. Seems like it's coming from a very genuine place it is. Thank you like it has slowed down obviously due to the pandemic because there hasn't been nearly as natural food new fast food items, and there's been the issue of like you know this worker safety and health and all that stuff. So I haven't been doing as many. I've actually done more homemade things which I do I also do some kind of homemade things like my most recent one was that number cheese. When that I did a couple of weeks ago and that was all done at home but I'm GonNa go back out and start doing the fast food once pretty yes. Dancer question. Yes it is entirely October of love. And I it's always because I want to try these. I don't usually do things I don't want to try I want to try this and then I kinda. I KINDA WANNA bloviate about it and give you my opinion of it as well. Bill I wanted to ask what is we just talked about what the best fast food item is of all time. What do you think is the worst? The worst festival. You ask question the worst festival in my head that I can remember is the Tacos from Burger King and that was about two years ago I if you follow me on twitter or it's In I don't like Burger King. But I do like the Walker quite a bit but they have all these other crazy things that they keep every two months. There's some new thing. It's all about all about the frigging viral videos and the twitter you know and they're all like. All the care about his is putting happy's hip ads and getting you in the restaurant to serve as sub-standard food and specifically the tacos. Worst of the worst because it's clear to me that what happened was some company made you know jack-in-the-box Tacos they're similar to jack-in-the-box hackers and some company was like we got seventy warehouses filled with these crappy Taco. We've taken off our hand and Burger King was yes and then there's the great viral campaign, which is all cool and they got people dancing in the middle of street at night with the Burger King to eat cool tacos and it's an a TACO. Suck. There I got. The is like you know the Jack in the box tacos, right? So I make. Pretty good. I think this was the same kind of thing where they apparently somebody who worked there told me like they get frozen and you dump them right in the Fryer and then when when they're done, you got to pry them open and stuff in the lettuce aunts and the Taco sauce, right so the ones I got were chat were shattered. They were like the big because the people who had cooked them obviously didn't care or know what they were doing here. They they literally that you the rapper and it was a whole bunch of broken pieces of Taco. With a pile of meat and it was like they were like Burger King back in the box ones that were horribly mutilated. It's rare that I don't finish a fast food I.

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