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News radio 600 Kogo. This's San Diego's morning news. It is 8 40 on this 19th anniversary of 9 11 a day most of us look at is the day that truly fundamentally changed America and in ways that were unexpected, but also managed to bring the country together. In a really wonderful way. Josh board is our Fox five movie critic. Oscar is making a new push for diversity after the other push and the one before that. Won't make a difference. We'll see real time traffic first. Here's Kevin Dean. Slow traffic flow right here on the downside of the 15 with a lot of trouble getting up for his Friars Road early. Your accent was blocking the left to the lanes, and that's the reason for all the slo traffic all the way back towards Adams Avenue. It's picking up speed a little bit now, but they're still going to see a delay. There. That accident has been cleared to the right shoulder South found 15 little tiny bit of slowing getting towards the eight to that's everybody looking over at the traffic on the other side of the freeway. Something great driving five unified like traffic now 35 minutes at a time, eh? So good drive on the bridge and strain getting up to Coronado. This report is sponsored by the All new 2020 Subaru Outback. If you're driven by an adventurous heart you're in luck. The Subaru Outback is all new for 2020. It'll take you as far as you want to explore with standard symmetrical all wheel drive, Subaru, go where Love takes you. I'm Kevin Dean Coco's next real time Traffic update just.

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