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High capacity magazines. An audio provided by harney county, Oregon district court, the judge says the law would automatically criminalize a large group of oregonians. We're talking about a broader question around public safety, a promotion of that public safety by restraining a constitutional right to bear arms. Supporters of the new law say it would help curtail mass shootings several states, including Washington already have bans on high capacity magazines. A two year prison sentence for a Lynwood man will for making interstate threats as well as a hate crime. According to the U.S. attorney 37 year old Joey George, admitted in his plea agreement that he made threatening phone calls at or near his linwood home to multiple businesses in four states. Those included grocery stores in Buffalo, New York, restaurants in California and Connecticut and a marijuana dispensary in Maryland. George has been in federal custody since he was arrested on July 22nd. Two people are under arrest following a domestic violence incident that canceled classes at rainier beach high school. Officers recalled to the campus Tuesday to investigate threats of a potential school shooting that resulted in classes being canceled the following day, police learned a 17 year old suspect who is not a Seattle student, was targeting the student at the school. They also found evidence he and a 21 year old associate were in possession of a firearm. The pair were arrested at a hotel in auburn. A committee formed to help our state celebrate America's 250th birthday is now planning a slate of activities and events for 2026. Lieutenant governor Denny heck is chair of Washington's America two 50 committee. He notes Washington's committee is making progress while other states are struggling with issues of politics and equity. Let us lead the way. About how it is we can simultaneously celebrate our nation's heritage. While also acknowledging the considerable areas of needed improvement that lie ahead, we can do both those things. State lawmakers passed a bill last legislative session calling for Washington to form what's called a semi quintile committee. Disgraced FTX cofounder Sam bankman freed faces a litany of charges tied to the collapse of his cryptocurrency exchange. And now we're learning much of the money he took from contributors actually ended up as political contributions. Some to Washington state politicians. Carlene Johnson reports. Before his arrest this week 30 year old former billionaire Sam bankman freed till Good Morning America, he is ready to face whatever consequences come. Look, I should have been on top of this. And I feel really, really bad and regretful that I wasn't. And a lot of people got hurt. And that's on me. Bankman fried is one of the largest political donors in American politics, and he's accused of violating campaign finance laws as part of a scheme to illegally funnel millions of dollars to candidates and political action groups virtually all supporting Democrats and their causes. U.S. senator patty Murray representative Kim schreier and the Washington state Democratic Party received donations from FTX, Murray told the Seattle times

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