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The Bears came charging up to 11 to nab Ohio State QB Justin Fields while yes, Mag Jones lasted until the Patriots at number 15 after taking Zach Wilson second, those Jets move from 23 to 13. Get him some protection in USC guard Elijah Vera Tucker. Now all things considered. The draft was going as planned, at least in terms of the names announced at the podium. Until the Raiders at number 17, where the 17th pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Las Vegas Raiders Select Alex Leatherwood. Tackled Alabama the silence behind the announcement that the sounds of the NFL network stage, I think also explained that confusion of this one Ah leatherwood, the most surprising of the record tying six Bama players selected around one last night, The Saints pulled their own surprise number 28 with Houston defensive end Peyton Turner and the Packers used the following selection on Georgia corner Eric Stokes. They could have went with somebody like old Miss receiver Elijah Moore to maybe Make Aaron Rodgers slightly less unhappy, but Nope. GM Brian Good, A Coon said late last night. They do not intend to train Rogers, who has reportedly told some within the organization that he wants out. We also had Tim Tebow attention grabbing yesterday, he apparently requested a workout and got one from the Jaguars and old friend Urban Meyer Tebow working out at tight end His last NFL game was 2012. Other sports were happening last night like basketball and used him. Pull back three Kevin Porter Jr. You can't he may knocks it down in the face of Drew holiday. Get.

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