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As if various centers of power all across the country. Are, exercising privileges that were not intended to be their government agencies of all stripes are now in the crosshairs of those who are defending citizens from harmful discriminatory judgment fortunately there are organizations like the, alliance defending freedom or ATF specialize in helping the, powerless overcome the actions of, the, powerful my colleague Larry elder spoke with lawyer Tyson Lang Hoffer who is serving with ATF and focusing on first amendment freedom on, public university campuses Tyson I understand there's a case going on right here in my home state of California. Tell us about it and we represent students for life and Nathan Apodaca lawsuit against administrators at Cal State San Marcos and Cal State student fee. System where they they require students essentially to hey student activity fees on top of the, tuition that they pay and his students That could be beat there are supposed to go to fund student expressing activities to, fund the activities of student organizations and when students for life applied for a grant to, receive some of those funds they were denied when, you you can't use those, funds, to bring in a outside speakers well Nathan knew he looked at as well I know. That. That these other groups are bringing in outside speakers and, so what we found out is that the university is allocated five that are very. Discriminatory manner their funding a lot of these leftist groups with large. Amounts of money denying it to other groups who want to bring a. Different perspective to campus so Tyson Lehnhoff they. Lied absolutely what happened is when we when we looked at it we found out that the gender equity center and the and the pride center there there's about two point one, million dollars that comes in every year inaccuracy allocated five by the student af I and. Each, university campus have they allocate the sponge Yes I, allocate three hundred thousand dollars that two point one million to the gender equity center. Enter the pride center all other one hundred student groups have to. Split thirty thousand dollars and they're they're limited to match love five hundred dollars person Mestre wow Obviously it's much easier for the gender equity center and the pride center to get their message out because they have about ten times the amount of fun to do the activities that they wanna do and yet all these, other Kurtzer told you can't do, those activities and they're frankly, don't even have to do them and, you know that that's unfair and it's unconstitutional supreme court has made. It very clear that if a university is going to impose an activity fee on students which requires them to. Fund expression that they disagree with it have to do it under a. Viewpoint neutral policy and clearly funding to groups for three hundred. Thousand bucks and then all, other groups are thirty thirty grand and half a split that that's not. The point neutral Tyson I'm not sure if people realize. How active the alliance defending freedom is you. Guys. Have litigated something like nine victory to swing court. In the last seven years you played a role in about. Fifty four victories at the supreme court you have a winning rate of about eighty percent Tyson you've been a partner at a. Law. Firm For a long time why did you get involved in the alliance defending freedom I got involved because. I recognize that our first of a freedoms are on the line and I've got five children and my desire is that my children are able to experience the same freedoms that I have the first amendment is is absolutely critical for protecting the ability to speak freely for protecting, the ability to exercise our religion, and what I'm saying is, our freedoms are being slowly eroded and, it absolutely scares me to death because I see these policies like. The student at Casey's Cal State San Marcos which are slowly taking away our ability to really to express ourselves. Freely so that's why I left my practice and joined it yes because. I truly believe in what we're doing and we provide free. Legal services to these students, to stand up for not only their personnel rights but for the first. Amendment rights of all at the university campus regardless of. Their viewpoint coming up the democrat identity problem They want to make, this election about Vladimir Putin they do but he's not on the, ballot Michael Medved the townhall review returns in a moment.

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